North Cyprus Property Victims | Targeting the Whistleblowers


North Cyprus Property Victims – Targeting the Whistleblowers

I have never been a shrinking violet and never will be. The lies printed about me in Havadis three years ago left me gobsmacked but it was of course just a taste of what was to come.

What surprises me is the amount of interest my outspoken stance has caused. Do I regret being outspoken, no…what I do regret is the need for it. Would that all property owners in north Cyprus had been treated properly and fairly, but that was not to be.

There is nothing new in the perpetrators of wrong trying to deflect attention to others and who better than the people who draw attention to their wrong doing. Thus it is, thus it will always be.

The latest attack has been particularly virulent but nothing new. Those with the most to hide, attack the most vigorously. They fool no one. Which makes it interesting that the office opened in Kyrenia area by a particular Advocate has allegedly been observed as now being empty. I am not surprised, I am however very sad because it could and should have been so different.

Never give in never give up

Pauline Read

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