North Cyprus Property Victims | More About Mr Gurcafer

North Cyprus Property Victims | More About Mr GurcaferWITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus Property Victims – More About Mr Gurcafer

The new/old Head of the Constructors Union is most famous for his membership of the Board of Directors of Aga Development Limited. Allegedly he was put on the Board by the Government of the day.

I have now received communications from Robb victims telling me he was making promises to return there money at that time and this would seem to bear them out.

Despite these promises and the promises of help by Mr Gurcafer to the Kulaksiz 5, both sets of victims are still waiting for justice, in the case of most Aga victims no house or money, in the case of the K5 victims uncertainty as to whether those who still have their houses will be allowed to keep them. In the case of two K5 victims no house and no money too.

Mr Gurcafer has allegedly filed a case against the Turkish Govt in the RoC courts and been subject of death threats.

His association with Gary Robb and his many cohorts is well documented and merely GOOGLING his name, much information is out there in the public domain.

Again I say, you are judged by the friends you keep as Mehmet Kaptan Bensen proved and this blog from March 2013 demonstrates:

North Cyprus Property | It’s a Funny Old World
Saturday, March 9, 2013 by Anon

‘It’s a funny old world.’ How many times have we heard this said, and on researching its origin I came up empty? It is a funny old world when you read the article below and see the Advocate who will be representing the Bank which is trying to justify repossessing the Kulaksiz 5 homes because of a mortgage taken out after they purchased and without their knowledge or consent, is named in an email from the Crime Prosecution Service in the UK in connection with the European Arrest Warrant for Gary Robb.

“UK’s CPS confirms Gary Robb’s extradition to Cyprus

My article yesterday was carefully worded for very good reason. I have now received a reply from the CPS Press Office.

“Your email below was passed on to press office for a response as we deal with media inquiries of this nature. Police and the CPS do not confirm whether arrest warrants have been issued in extradition cases until the persons named in the warrants are in custody and appear before the court.

I can therefore only confirm that the City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court has ordered the extradition of Gary Robb on June 13, 2011. You will need to speak to the police in Cyprus about the two others named in your email.

The European Arrest Warrant relates to nine offences of which the defendant Gary Robb is accused. The alleged conduct may be summarised as follows: between 2004 and 2005, the defendant conspired with others (named as Tuncel Tahir SOYCAN and Akan Kursat TALAT) to develop land which did not belong to them, and to sell villas built without permission upon that land by means of false representas to the prospective purchasers. The land in question is situated in two localities; Franga and Paliomantra. These are areas within Kyrenia district in the occupied territory of northern Cyprus

The development of this land without ownership or permission forms the basis of charges under Cypriot law of (i) criminal trespass; (ii) illegal possession, cultivation, enjoyment or use of land; and (iii) malicious damage on trees.

The second aspect of the case concerns the fraudulent sale or offering for sale of villas on the illegally-developed plots of land. These fraudulent sales and offerings for sale are reflected in charges under Cypriot law of (i) obtaining goods by false pretences; (ii) fraud on the sale or mortgage of property; (iii) attempting to obtain money by false pretences; and (iv) money laundering.

The remaining two charges cited in the EAW are offences of conspiracy, namely (i) conspiracy to commit a felony and (ii) conspiracy to commit a misdemeanour.

The fraud is alleged to have occurred between April 2004 and April 2005. The contracts of sale entered into totalled £1.2m. We don’t have details of the investors and none were given in court.

Julie Seddon I Senior Press Officer

Communication Division I Crown Prosecution Service

Rose Court, 2 Southwark Bridge, London , SE1 9HS

It would appear that no-one, not even the Sunday People have a definitive answer as to whether two further European Arrest Warrants have been requested or issued, which would explain why there was no mention of them in yesterday’s article. So the mystery continues, but not for too long if the other enquiry I have put out bears fruit.”

Then you have to consider just what a funny old world it is when you read several mentions of the same names in the Approved Judgement of The Hon. Justice MacKay dated 30/03/2012.

Of course it is now common knowledge who the co-shareholder in Aga Development Limited was, albeit a minority shareholder.

It is a funny old world, but not funny haha, more funny peculiar. No one is laughing, least of all Aga Victims or the Kulaksiz 5. One can only hope their time will come to laugh, with relief.

Will Mortgage Law 11/78 section 21 be the saviour of all stealth mortgage victims, time will tell?

Never give in never give up


 Pauline Read

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