North Cyprus Property | Did I Break A Mirror?

North Cyprus Property – Did I Break A Mirror?

Since moving to north Cyprus so much has happened in the 7 and half years I have spent here. From being an ordinary little old lady just wanting to spend her last years in peace and tranquillity, I have morphed into a wailing banshee, someone I hardly recognise now.

I bought into the dream hype, parted with hard earned money, not easy money from drug dealing, selling state secrets or taking in laundry as some would have you believe, but the fruits of working and saving, just like most of us who came here.

I trusted unwisely and became very disappointed with some here, but in the main I have met some decent folk and my life is richer from knowing them.

I could go on and on about Kulaksiz 5, but I guess it would bore some, so I won’t. Suffice to say, I still believe justice will come from Strasbourg, not Lefkosa.

Of course I would like to be the person I was before I came here, but this seems a long way off and unfortunately a long way off is too far away when you are not far away from your eighth decade on this earth.

So what will I do? Well I will continue to push the injustices into the face of those who could and should do something about them. I will continue to help those I can help, and I guess I will continue to get ‘up the noses’ of those who would profit from others’ misfortunes.

Oh happy days.

Pauline Ann Read

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