North Cyprus Property Victims are the TRNC’s Neglected Children

North Cyprus Property Victims – when you hear about parents serially neglecting the children they are supposed to be responsible for, doesn’t it just make you angry! I can understand, and even have some compassion for parents who in their ignorance neglect one child, accept responsibility and then make amends. However, parents who stand by and watch as one by one their children are abused and then either say nothing or shrug their shoulders and pretend they somehow do not have a duty of care, now that makes my blood boil.

In most countries an elected government are responsible for what happens in that country. If they are made aware that those living there are being abused then they are responsible for putting it right. Like neglectful parent, they shouldn’t be given chances to change their way, they have to be taken to task and criticised by all those that live under their roof. It is no good asking the abused to change their protector’s ways. You can’t expect the damaged to effectively protect themselves. Help is needed from outside a broken family.

It was obvious that the TRNC government six years back was allowing property purchasers to be abused and six years later they are still shrugging their shoulders and implying that it had nothing to do with them. In their ignorance, ministers seem to have ignored their responsibilities and seem to have only taken up office to enjoy the benefits of power. There is no indication that they will change their ways. This must be stopped. It is no use working with someone who shows no intention of even accepting responsibility for the problem. If they are not responsible for the problem then why should they care about solving it? All they have done in the past is talked to those involved in the property problems and when the builders, landowners, landowners and estate agents also said it wasn’t their problem they simply gave up.

So what is the way forward? Give them one more chance? If you have ever seen a situation where someone is continually given a chance to change but doesn’t you’ll realise that the time for expecting a serial offender to change is long passed. It is time to name and shame the offenders and to that end NCFP Publications is asking for the stories of all the victims who are fed up with being fobbed off with excuses as they slowly reach their twilight years when their energy is gone. We are preparing a book for worldwide distribution. We will be sending copies to all the media outlets we can think of so, if you want to go public then don’t just sit around feeling helpless CONTACT NCFP.


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