North Cyprus Property Victims | a Positive Thank You!


A message to all victims, from  a fellow victim.

To all those who would see us give up, pack our bags and just go away.  To all those who would  appease the present Government who do nothing whilst we lose everything.  To all those who would like to see us go to hell  I have two words:   AFTER  YOU.

To all those who back us in our actions.  To all those who say, enough is enough, we want actions not words from a Government who cares., paying more is not an option   To all those who say, never give in never give up I have two words: THANK YOU.

AFTER YOU  is 8 letters
THANK YOU  is 8 letters

NEGATIVE  is 8 letters
POSITIVE   is 8 letters

We will remain positive, we will keep fighting for justice, appeasement is not an option.   Silence is not an option.   You can choose which 8 letters you prefer, I know which are my preference, POSITIVE and THANK YOU.

Never give in never give up.

Pauline Ann Read

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