North Cyprus Property | Twenty Years Ago


North Cyprus Property | Twenty Years Ago

A little blast from the past when all ‘sorts’ of important people were buying in North Cyprus.

I just wonder how many of these ‘important’ people got caught up in fraudulent mortgages being taken out by the vendor after selling their villa to them. Of course in 1993 cronyism, corruption and nepotism had not reared their ugly heads and even Mr Smith was giving reasonable advice.

A lot has changed for Mr Nadir now a guest of her majesty’s prison system (Bellmarsh), but at least he has a roof over his head and no danger of his money disappearing whilst he is incarcerated. He took a gamble and lost but at least he had a choice. The victims of the property scams were not even aware that they were gambling, ‘buying in north Cyprus is like putting your money on the Stock Market’ the gem that came from the mouth of a Judge, unfortunately not before the trap had been set and the victims caught in the trap.

How things have changed since 1993. Read this Independent Newspaper Article for the details

You have to wonder what the story of the property market in North Cyprus will be like in 2023. I rather suspect not much will have changed, maybe Kulaksiz 5’s case might be over by then… maybe.


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