North Cyprus Property | Tutuska – a Small Reminder

North Cyprus Property | Tutuska - a Small ReminderNorth Cyprus Property | Tutuska – a Small Reminder

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Below is a reminder of the Tutuska victims who are still living with the uncertainty of a pending Auction. If the Ministry of the Interior are to be believed, no auctions will take place where there are buildings on the land involved, even partially finished buildings, good news – well no not really. It still leaves the purchasers in the position of no KOCAN so no ownership. They are living in their properties in a state of uncertainty and this is not good for anyone. Who will be brave enough to make the decision that will stop this form of mental torture? This Government, well only they know the answer to that. Mr Tutuska has never shown any remorse for any of his victims, quite the reverse, he was even trying to play ‘hardball’ with the court in deciding how much ‘he’ would allow the memorandums granted to the purchasers should be for. If he were a man of principle, he would not write cheques his bank cannot honour. He is a frequent guest in the prison system here. The new proposed law not to imprison people for debt was actively opposed by the majority of the Advocates her in the TRNC. You have to wonder if men like Mr. Tutuska really care one way or the other. Clearly for him, it is not a deterrent.

North Cyprus Property Victims | Bariş Apartments Déjà Vu
Thursday, November 17, 2011

“Where do I begin, to tell the story of how great a farce has been.” For those who do not recognise the first sentence, it is a bastardisation of the beginning of the lyrics of Love Story. However in this country that has so many ‘fatherless ones’ I feel love is a commodity in very short supply. Especially for Muazzez (Pembe’s mum) who I just know they would be glad if she, like all North Cyprus property victims, disappeared off the face of the earth. There is no love and no compassion in the legal system for any victim.

I arrived at court this morning just after 9.00 a.m. The advocate for Nurettin Tutuska was there but no sign of Muazzez’s advocate. I took the opportunity to have a little chat with Tutuska’s advocate. He assured me that the case was to be adjourned because Tutuska was not present (he’s in prison) and that really all we had come for was another date. As things turned out, he was right, but I cannot miss the opportunity to relate the fiasco that took place before we got to that point.

Pembe and Muazzez arrived and still no sign of their advocate. Time was passing and eventually we caught sight of one of the advocates who works in the office of Pembe/Mauzzez’s advocate. It was explained that the advocate paid to represent them had a case at the High Court in Lefkoşa and had sent one of his minions to ask for an adjournment and get another date. By this time Pembe was not unjustifiably more than a little ‘ticked off’. Having endured yesterday’s fiasco, one could understand that she expected a little more from today than ‘come back another time’. Where do these people get off thinking they can continue to treat us this way? Dollies were thrown out of the pram, the stand in advocate being the chief dolly thrower.

Eventually tempers simmered and the Judge, Tanju Oncul decided the case would not be adjourned and ordered that the advocate be phoned and told to come back to court. This happened and eventually we all (yes me too) saw the Judge in Chambers and it was decided that Pembe and Muazzez would meet with the advocate for Tutuska on Saturday morning to thrash out the details of the Court Memorandum and then when the case is heard on the 28th November, the Judge would make the Court Order official. Some good did come out of today’s proceedings, all may not yet be lost for Muazzez. Let us pray this turns out to be true.

We must remember that there are now only 10 days before the Auction to sell other victim’s properties in Karaman/Karmi. Victims of the well known felon Gary Robb. The auction scheduled for 27th November at the coffee shop opposite Girne District Court, start time 10.00 a.m. We at Stop the Blackmail are doing everything humanly possible to try to stop this auction. However, if we fail, please be there.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, more bad news for Universal Bank. How would you like 21% interest on your Sterling account? Sorry, you need to own a bank for that. My next article deals with just that, thanks to the bravery of AFRIKA NEWSPAPER. What a tease I am?????

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