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North Cyprus Property | TRNC Property TaxWITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus Property | TRNC Property Tax

The following letter was submitted to me with a promise of anonymity:

‘I am obliged to pay property tax on the pre ’74 Turkish Title property, which I paid for in full and registered with the Tapu by paying the stamp duty, but for which, after 8 years residency and 2 ‘PTP’ applications, the TRNC government still refuse to give me the ‘Permission to Purchase’ and/or Title Deed for, on the flimsy excuse that the property is ‘situated too near to a military site’. I should note that it is quite impossible to view, even with binoculars, any military site, or activity, from any point on my property. As an aside: why should someone be forced to pay 25% tax on an empty, unused swimming pool – just because one exists on the property? Conversely, if a pool is functional, fair enough.

As the ownership, by virtue of the Title Deed (Kochan), is still in the name of the Vendor, and despite the registered Contract of Sale, the fact remains that I do not own the property, yet the obligation is on me to pay the Property Tax – how can this be justifiably legal? Surely, the onus should be on the Vendor to pay the Property Tax until, I, the legal buyer, assume full and freehold title? Would this anomaly be legally allowable under EU legislation, or indeed, in any civilised country? Further, does this not, in fact, constitute a gross violation of Human Rights? Dismissing this travesty by glibly repeating ‘This is TRNC!’ simply serves to concur with the Council of Ministers’ secret agenda of denying foreigners legal ownership of the pre 1974 Turkish Title property in proximity to ‘military areas’ that they were mis-sold, yet bought in good faith, due to the outright lies told to them by estate agents and advocates. The word for such a devious practice is: reprehensible!”

I received this from a friend who clearly has the same problem suffered by so many purchasers of property close to military installations. Of course all the time it remains in the Vendor’s name, regardless of the promises made when we were all allowed to register our Contracts back in 2008, the purchaser remains vulnerable.

I was in court recently with a purchaser who is now having to legally challenge the fact that, on the instigation of the landowner, the Tapu have de-registered her legally registered Contract of Sale. Now, who would believe that would happen? Stop shouting please, I know we all knew it was just a matter of time before it happened.

There have also been reports of courts allowing Memorandums in behind registered Contracts.

So what security did the registering of Contracts really give?

The message also reminded me of the promise of Dr Celebi, made publicly in April 2012 in Cyprus Today. I bring back the hype for your information and amusement.

My friend is right of course, why the hell should he pay property tax until ownership is transferred. As usual this Government wants all the benefits monetarily but will give nothing in return. Same old, same old…

Never give in never give up

Pauline Read

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