North Cyprus Property | Police Ignored the Bare Facts


North Cyprus Property – Police Ignored the Bare Facts

So some 12 months after the event, the police were interested in what happened on the 30th July 2010 when the bank broke into and took Pauline Read’s property without a court order and in the commission of this crime made an attempt to silence the witness….permanently.

“The TRNC police are on my case – but which one?
Tuesday, June 21, 2011 by Name & Address Supplied

The TRNC police are on my case but which one?A few weeks ago I received a telephone call from Girne Police, the officer, extremely nice and very cordial, wanted me to give him the telephone number of two members of Kulaksiz 5, I did not but assured him I would pass on his name and number to them. He said they had witnessed something and the Police wanted statements from them. I did, as promised pass on the officer’s name and number.

This morning, I received another phone call from the same officer, requesting the same information. Now forgive me for sounding a little sceptical, but how come the police have the numbers of both our phones. Both numbers were used and yet they do not have the numbers of other members of Kulaksiz 5. This time I questioned the officer further about the so called incident these two K5 members had witnessed. I specifically asked if it was about my own break in and was told no. The officer did however mention changed locks and as it was over the phone and with the language barrier I assumed it must be the break in at Eva McCluskey’s villa. I did not give the numbers but assured the officer I would make sure he got a response.

I telephoned both of the K5 members and told them of my second phone call. I then decided to phone another member of K5 who liaises with our legal team to get his take on the situation and perhaps throw some light on what is happening.

Imagine my surprise when our member who does liaise with the legal team phoned me back and told me that after pressing the police officer he was told that yes indeed it was about MY break in. Now the plot really thickens, you see both my partner and I gave statements to the Lapta Police on the 3rd August 2010 but they had dragged their feet about getting a witness statement. However during a meeting with Mr Denktaş on 11th August 2010, Mr Denktaş was so annoyed with the lack of response from the police that he rang Girne Police and arranged for us to accompany our witness to Girne Police Station to give a statement that day. When we arrived at Girne Police Station, the Captain from Lapta Police Station was there and asked us to go to Lapta Police Station. This we did and that is where the witness gave his statement. If you wonder how I can be so sure, I was because my partner and I sat alongside him whilst his statement was taken.

After taking the witness statement, both my statement and my partner’s statement were produced. We were even asked what we wanted the Police to do. Shocked, I asked what the options were. The police officer suggested they could be warned. I said it might be a novel idea, but how about prosecuting them. I was told the papers would go before a Judge. That was the last I heard about it, until today the 21st June 2011, some 10 months on. So why do they need new witness statements? The second member of the K5 group only witnessed someone in my garden and phoned to tell me. Why has it suddenly been resurrected? Forgive me, but in this country, I trust no-one.

I will keep you posted on developments.”

There were no developments to keep you posted on. The case died a death again, much like Agile would have had he not been so Agile.

For those who have not seen Agile I attach a photo, no Agile I will not tell the bank to ‘pucker up’.


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