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Was it only a year ago that I was writing this:

“North Cyprus Property Victims | The Book That Tells it All
Sunday, August 19, 2012 by Pauline Ann Read


Exactly six weeks since I dislocated my shoulder. What a difference those six weeks have made to my life. When I first did it, I can say that I had never experienced pain quite like it. You know when you don’t know whether you will faint or vomit or both. I settled on both.

When I eventually left the hospital having been sorted and then elastoplasted into my vest top, I have to say I really wondered how I would escape from that elaborate puzzle. Escape I did and with the help of Agile the naked plumber, I have slowly regained my strength and use of my arm. I am right handed and it is my right shoulder that was injured. Agile has, in the last six weeks, washed me, dressed me, medicated me and been as usual, my rock. He has washed, cleaned and cooked and even ironed. Slowly I have been able to resume my chores but last week the sheer look of joy on his face when I said I thought I was ready to take over the ironing was something to behold.

I have been getting into the pool from week three and doing gentle exercises and trying to swim. Yesterday, in stages, I actually managed my usual 100 lengths, it took a lot longer than usual but I DID IT. I will not pretend I am totally pain free because I am not. As we grow older, we do not heal as quickly as we did and when I extend my arm, even to shake hands, I find I have to hold my arm with my other hand to absorb the discomfort. I get very frustrated with it, but I know I have to be patient.

You are all familiar with the other events of the past few weeks, I won’t pretend that they came at a time I was well able to cope with them, but they came and cope with them I did. We now as a result I have the Original STBINC up and running and doing very nicely thank you. I thank each and every member of our group for their support and the good wishes I have received from some members.

I think it fair to say, I am a fighter and rolling over has never been my way. We now have to concentrate on our main project – ‘the book’. The outline is there, now the real work begins. The objective of this book is not to slate north Cyprus, more to draw the attention of the world to its plight, to its needs and to the plight and the needs of the property scam victims. The book will be a compilation of stories highlighting some of the cases and recounting the devastating effect being a property scam victim has had on people’s lives. Losing their homes, their life’s savings, their health, their sanity and in some cases even their lives. Make no mistake stress is a KILLER. We do not intend to minimise any aspect of the situation, it will be told as it is, as it happened, warts and all. We will not spare the villains, they will be named and shamed.

If you wish your story to be included in this book, please contact NCFP directly or contact me.

Never give in never give up”

I do thank those of you who came forward and can confirm the first book has been written but for obvious reasons publication had to be delayed.

However, it got me to thinking that because of the peculiar situation of buying in a country that is not recognised by the rest of the world, a few exceptions, the main one being Turkey, the world’s press are reluctant to carry the stories of the many, many property victims in the north of Cyprus.

The ‘excusists’ will tell you such things happen everywhere, indeed they do, but does that make it right. Murders happen everywhere and I cannot see it being accepted as mitigation for that crime in a court of law. In north Cyprus there seems to have been a concerted effort to defraud property victims and the fraudsters have never had to face consequences for their crimes.

Will a new government recognise the harm this situation is doing to its tourism, property sector and property tourism sector? Such harm has a knock on effect and eats into the revenue of restaurants, hotels, supermarkets indeed anyone who has a business.  Until someone with courage and foresight picks up this huge problem and deals with it, very little will change.

Never give up, never give in

Pauline Ann Read

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