North Cyprus Property | Pauline Read’s Court Diary


North Cyprus Property | Pauline Read’s Court Diary

Here we are on the last day of April 2013.  On the 14th September 2005 I made the mistake of all mistakes by contracting to buy my villa in Karsiyaka. Yes you know the one that part of the bank-owning family have allegedly put into the name of Mustafer Guner, a former Director of the bank, who indeed was a Director at the same time as the Finance Minister Ersin Tatar. My possession that was taken from me, allegedly illegally, and now is enjoyed as the weekend retreat of a member of the bank owning family, not allegedly because they are observed there regularly enjoying the home I would have been enjoying had transfer been able to take place in June 2006 when I asked the builder to meet me at the Tapu to transfer title as per Contract. Of course this could not happen because of the mortgage in place and granted by the same member of the bank-owning family who now enjoys the benefits of my former home.

How ironic, if the builder and landowner had been honest I would still be living there instead of looking at what awaits me in May 2013.

By the 8th May 2013 we have to have our defence submitted for the 5th Libel case, the Hasan Hasturer programme that was aired on the 20th March 2012.

On the 8th of May I shall be accompanying a friend to her case in Girne District Court.

On the 13th May I shall be in court for my 5th Libel case. I will not be lonely, there are seven other defendants.

On the 15th May I shall be in court for the Kulaksiz 5 next appearance.

On the 22nd May I shall be at the Supreme Court in Lefkosa for the first appearance of the MANDAMUS case. Now that should be really interesting. A Government department having to explain why they chose to ignore an Enforcement Order given by a District Court Judge. Remember, this is their job…to assist and obey decisions put down by the courts. This will be when the defendants are directed to prepare their written defence, assuming the three have been served their Writs.

So that takes us up to the 22nd May but remember each case usually yields another date so it is more than likely there will be other appearances during the month of May. Don’t forget the other 4 (four) Libel Writs.

Retirement, well that was the idea but clearly corruption changed all that.

Never give in never give up.

Pauline Ann Read

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