North Cyprus Property | ‘Pack of Rabid Dogs Chasing a Lone Rabbit’

North Cyprus Property | 'Pack of Rabid Dogs Chasing a Lone RabbitWITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus Property | ‘Pack of Rabid Dogs Chasing a Lone Rabbit

Oh dear, the night of the long knives. Well it had to happen but sometimes you have to wonder at the mental age of some who take part.

It was started by someone who knows nothing of the situation other than what he has been told. He has exclusively revealed that Pauline Read has an auction. Although in truth it is a pre-auction notice. Hello, wakey, wakey this was reported on NCFP a fortnight ago complete with a copy of the notice. Duh. A member of his camera crew is shocked and wonders at the lawyers who force these auctions. Really, really, I mean really? I suggest she asks them about it then. When Pauline’s lawyer started the Mandamus case, it was with good intent.

The attack was all very childish and immature, exactly as you would expect from a pack of bullies. Pack being the operative word; a pack of rabid dogs chasing a lone rabbit springs to mind.

I did explain this and publish the notice over a fortnight ago but I guess the pack missed that or perhaps their reading lesson time was spent bullying other children. Who knows, more importantly, who cares?

Life is full of surprises but I was not surprised that someone who helped to campaign for the Tapu to do their duty and go to auction now uses the fact that the Mandamus has achieved that which she and Pauline could not achieve, now uses that success as a bullying instrument. Pauline’s Advocate recommended the Mandamus action and now, even though it has achieved the purpose of making the Tapu do its duty, the situation is so puzzling. Pauline does not even know how the Tapu arrived at the figure on the notice or what it represents. It seems however the bullies know and are sure it will make some people homeless. In fact it has been put to Pauline that she will be doing to others what the bank did to her. A huge difference, Pauline did not put a mortgage on someone else’s property, she simply followed the legal system which she is told, works and should not be criticised.



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