North Cyprus Property | Once Upon a Time in Fairy Land

North Cyprus Property | Once Upon a Time in Fairy LandNorth Cyprus Property | Once Upon a Time in Fairy Land

Fairy Tale for Modern Times

Are you sitting comfortably? Well, once upon a time not long ago there was a Naughty Landowner who after selling off most of his cottages decided to borrow money and use those cottages as security against the loan. Now the Well Wicked Lender knew that the Naughty Landowner no longer owned all of those cottages but knew that he did own some of them. The Wise Fairy said no, no, no, Mr Landowner, you cannot use something you no longer own as security but look, you do still own some of those cottages so we will allow you to borrow the money but only use the cottages you actually own as security. The Well Wicked Lender listened to the Wise Fairy.

Some years later, the naughty Landowner had not paid back the money he borrowed so the Well Wicked Lender who was a Right Banker, quite rightly, repossessed his cottages, sold them and got their money back.

Now isn’t that the way it should be?

The Well Wicked Lender got their money and kept their depositors happy. The naughty Landowner was taught a valuable lesson. If you do not honour your obligations, you will lose out.

Only happens in Fairy Land of course.

Ann D Pandy





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