North Cyprus Property | Oh, How I Hate the Word Victim!

North Cyprus Property | Oh, How I Hate the Word Victim!WITHOUT  PREJUDICE
North Cyprus Property | Oh, How I Hate the Word Victim!

You read lots of clever things about how you are not a victim but a survivor.  To be a survivor you have to have survived something.  So, to progress to being a survivor, you may along the way have been a victim.  No shame in being a victim, no shame if you try everything in your power to become a former victim and fail.   There is apathy, however, if you do not try to become a survivor.

You see tee shirts with ‘I survived ******’, but is that just a glib thing or have those wearing that tee shirt really survived an event that had them victimised, even for a short time?

No doubt the people of Kulaksiz 5, when they win their battle to keep their houses, which I believe they ultimately will, either that or be financially compensated if it has to go to the wire, the wire being the ECHR, will be justified in wearing a tee shirt saying ‘I survived a stealth mortgage.’ Or perhaps it will say ‘I survived a mortgage scam,’ or even ‘I survived Akfinans Bank’.

Whatever it says makes them a survivor after four years plus of being a victim. They being victims brings no shame to them, the shame is on those who victimised them.

There are many victims of stealth mortgages and memorandums in north Cyprus. So will Harmony (Boyut) victims, Baris Apartments (Tutuska) victims, Olive Grove (NCP) victims. Will other property victims such as Armacon, Aga (Gary Robb), Santa Fe, and so many more unscrupulous builder victims get to wear their ‘I am a survivor’  tee shirts? Now stories are being told of Russian purchasers being scammed with promises of assisted housing schemes, work permits, easily obtained residency, will they survive to wear their tee shirts?

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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