North Cyprus Property | News Summary

North Cyprus Property | News Summary

After a rather hate filled few days, pollymarples is reviewing the situation and commented that her life had never been filled with so much hot air as recently.

The oxygen of publicity is now to be withheld from Flatulence, there is enough damage being done to the ozone layer, she has decided not to add to it.  It has also been decided that if any more such attacks take place the contents will be handed to the relevant authorities to add to their dossier.  Adding oxygen to Flatulence and applying a match could clearly lead to disaster.

The original Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus continues to grow and this support group is there to help but the real work is done by the Free Legal Advice FaceBook Group,  As you all know Stop the Blackmail (original) was started by Pauline Read when she found it empty of all members but her.  Had the person who abandoned it, but claims it was his reserve, really intended to use it he would surely have left himself there as Admin and made it impossible for anyone else to use. Ms Read truly believes in serendipity and that she was meant to use it. As we all know Ms Read  was the architect of the growth in the other stbinc.

As we are all aware, our legal adviser Hak Hukkuk is unable to post at the moment due to his wife being critically ill and having to seek treatment in Istanbul.  Clearly Hak is where he is needed, at his wife’s side. We all send our wishes for a speedy recovery of his wife. May God watch over and protect this beautiful family.

As you read in yesterday’s article, the Kulaksiz 5 will be in court on Thursday 14th February (St Valentine’s Day).  Let us hope the patron saint of lovers brings some love and joy into their lives.

The reason for this appearance is so the the Judges at the High Court in Lefkosa can deliver their verdict from the Appeal heard there on the 19th September 2012.  The answer the Kulaksiz 5 have all been praying for is that the Judges will grant them an Interim Injunction to stop the Bank selling the properties on the land at the Kulaksiz 5 site in Karsiyaka until the final outcome of the cases is known.
Of course the termination of this nightmare, and the K5 being allowed to live in their homes free of intimidation and stress, would be the ultimate answer to all our prayers.

Supporters are welcome.

Date Thursday 14th February 2013
Venue  Lefkosa High Court
Time   9.30 a.m

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