North Cyprus Property | MNCB | “Banks Behaving Badly”

North Cyprus Property | MNCB | "Banks Behaving Badly"

North Cyprus Property | MNCB | “Banks Behaving Badly”


North Cyprus Property | MNCB | “Banks Behaving Badly”

Today is the first anniversary of the release of the video by MNCB. “Banks Behaving Badly.”

To date only 3,017 people have watched it, less than 9 people a day. Not enough and certainly no sign of it going viral.

Yet it is an indictment of “The Bank” [Editor: unnamed] and the country that allowed it, and continues to allow it, to happen. These old folk have been suffering since they found out about the mortgage in early in 2008, five years of mental torture and sometimes worse.

Who can forget the sight of a bank employee going through the window when the bank, without a court order, repossessed a villa on the K5 site, the property of Eva McCluskey, an old lady who is widowed due to losing her husband whilst this travesty has been happening. This photo was taken by Richard Barclay the son of K5 owner Arline Barclay.

In north Cyprus it almost seems that this has been going on so long it has almost become accepted. It is a fact that if any situation continues unabated it becomes the normal. God help us all if the torture of old people ever becomes acceptable and normal.

Never give in never give up




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