North Cyprus Property | Military Base Permission to Purchase Fiasco

Permission to PurchaseWITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus Property | Military Base Permission to Purchase Fiasco

Taking the State to court to make a Government department do its duty has to be biggest indictment of a system there can possibly be. Is there no policing of these departments, does anyone even check to see if they are being run properly?

The property sector has been under the international microscope in Cyprus, both north and south, for so long it seems incredible that little action has been taken to change this.

We read in Cyprus Today that those foreign purchasers who were refused their Permission to Purchase on pre 74 title may re apply and that decisions may be rescinded and they may now be given permission. What happens if during the time the Ministry of the Interior said NO and now, the purchaser did something, like had a memorandum put on the property for bad debt? Will there be an opportunity for the purchaser to sue the Ministry for abusing its powers. After all, allegedly, there has never been a law prohibiting foreigners from purchasing pre 74 title. Was the Ministry abusing its powers and acting in a racist, protectionist manner?

This could be a problem. As I understand it, you may sue to force a Government department to do its duty, you may not however, as a foreigner, be given monetary compensation for the harm that not doing its duty the Government department has caused you. Another prime example of NOF (Not Our Fault), the secondary condition that follows HISS (Head In Sand Syndrome).

I am now hearing very disturbing reports about purchases close to Military Bases and how the refusal of Permission to Purchase to foreigners unfortunate enough to have bought these properties may not change, ever. I hope this is wrong and under review to allow those purchasers to also have their PTP refusals rescinded.

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