North Cyprus Property | List Of ‘”Those Who Never Made It’

North Cyprus Property | List Of ‘”Those Who Never Made It’

When David Pavey and his wife bought in Alsancack in 2005, like the rest of us they believed their builder, believed in their dream, even remortgaged their UK property to realise this dream.

When they arrived to take up residence, the extent of their builder’s duplicity became obvious. It was, according to Marion Stokes, reading the Pavey’s letter in Cyprus Today way back then that prompted her to become a founder member of Home Buyers Pressure Group along with the Pavey’s who became very active within this group.

Sadly, David Pavey died in 2010 and did not live to see his dream realised or justice obtained. Mrs Pavey is convinced that the stress and trauma of all they suffered was a contributory factor in his death.

It is so sad that this is not an isolated story. There are many of those who dared to dream that north Cyprus was their ideal retirement location, that buying in north Cyprus was safe, but who were similarly duped and did not live to see their home completed or justice obtained.

Kulaksiz 5 suffered the loss of one member. We know old people die but I am convinced that suffering the trauma of buying in north Cyprus resulted in some dying prematurely because of it.

For this reason, Stop the Blackmail are compiling a list of those ‘who never made it’; those who died before realisation of their dream or justice.

If you know of anyone, if you have lost a partner or friend because of this anathema that is the north Cyprus property scam, please send me details privately. The figures are purely for statistical purposes and no names will be mentioned unless you expressly wish that they are.

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    North Cyprus Property | List Of '"Those Who Never Made It'

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