North Cyprus Property | Legal Rights of Property Purchasers


North Cyprus Property | Legal Rights of Property Purchasers

If you cannot rely on the law to protect you then you will have anarchy. In a civilised society the rights of each and every individual should be respected and more importantly, protected. It seems that in north Cyprus your rights are there in law, but some feel it is not their duty to obey them. WRONG!

If you have registered your Contract at the Tapu in north Cyprus, then that should be the only entry a search finds, unless of course there was a mortgage or memorandum on the Kocan already, in which case surely you would have been told….wouldn’t you? If this registration was before the Estate Agents Act of 2008, you would not have proceeded with the purchase if you were told of a mortage…would you, of course this is assuming you were told?

Unless I am totally misunderstanding the purpose of the new law, this is how it is supposed to work. Yet I know of people who purchased, after the new law came on to the Statute Books, complete with a memorandum in place. How could thisĀ  happen? The answer could be negligence part of the Advocate, the Tapu behind with entries on the Kocan, or worse?

We also hear of Memorandums tucked in behind the registration of the Contract of Sale, how is that possible if the law is being obeyed? Do the staff at the Tapu understand the law?

Such a case appears in the Pauline Read fiasco where a court put an Injunction in place and the sellers were present in court when this happened. However, four months later they sold the property to a hapless lady complete with the Injunction. Now the Tapu may have been behind in their paperwork so the Injunction did not show, BUT the sellers Abdurrahman Guney, Latif Dansik and Kulaksiz Construction Limited cannot claim innocence because a few months before they had been in court when the Injunction was granted. This is obvious premeditated fraud and Contempt of Court, but why would they worry, consequences for them do not exist. If they did, they would already be serving time as serial fraudsters. Whilst crime pays, it will continue.

On Tuesday the most famous victims of the above fraudsters will be in court to hear if their amendment to their main case will be legally allowed.

Venue Girne District Court. Supporters will be welcome.

Never give in never give up

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