North Cyprus Property | Kulaksiz 5’s Next Court Date | 28th March 2012

North Cyprus Property | Kulaksiz 5's Next Court Date | 28th March 2012North Cyprus Property | Kulaksiz 5’s Next Court Date | 28th March 2012

The Kulaksiz 5 already knew that the appearance scheduled for today was not going to take place, however they did not know the new date had already been arranged.

Bob French and Pauline Read were there before 2.00 pm, expecting as usual to go with their advocate into court and be given the new date. But no, when after 2.00 p.m no one had arrived, Bob French phoned the Advocate to find out what was happening and was told the new date of Thursday 28th March at 9.00 pm had already been arranged. It might have been nice for them to have been told us earlier, but hey, this is how it goes in north Cyprus.

Malcolm Mitchieson of MNCB and also the reporter from Cyprus Today and other supporters were there too.

The appearance on the 28th March will be just that, they were told. The bank intends to file an application to reject the amended figures submitted by the Kulaksiz 5’s advocate, the need for which was the cause of the adjournment called for on the 1st March 2013. The bank it would appear still do not accept the figures the Kulaksiz 5 litigants claim to have paid for their villas.

You may ask yourself why is this important since the objective of this case is to have the repossession order of the 20th November 2008 made null and void and in doing so make the Auction of the 6th June 2010 null and void. The status quo prior to the mortgage will then exist. All properties will still be in the name of the landowner Yuksel Yilmaz.

No one disputes the landowner and the builder did borrow approximately 100,000 lira; what is in dispute is the legality of the mortgage submitted to the Tapu on the 11th November 2005 stating the security was Tarla (Land). Was this a clerical error or a deliberate attempt to mislead the Tapu thus causing the District Officer to be unable to do his job properly? The existence of a survey commissioned by the bank in March 2005 shows clearly they were aware of the existence of villas at various stage of construction on the security they falsely described as land.

To summarize; the next appearance is Thursday 28th March at 9.00 am when the bank will submit their amendment to reject the figures submitted and a new date will be given.

No you really Could Not Make It Up.

Never give in never give up.


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