North Cyprus Property | Kulaksiz 5 ‘Not For Sale’

North Cyprus Property | Kulaksiz 5 'Not For Sale'WITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus Property | Kulaksiz 5 ‘Not For Sale’

We know that the Kulaksiz 5 now have a breathing space in which to relax a little, secure in the knowledge that they will have a roof over their heads whilst their fate is decided by the legal system here in north Cyprus. Let us hope that having seen this the other Banks who have taken innocent peoples’ property as security against loans given to unscrupulous builders will heed this clear decision by the High Court and not force those victims to have to go to the wire and obtain an Interim Injunction too.

It was ironic to read the comments by the legal representatives of the Bank after the decision that they had not intended to sell anyway. If this is true, why did they put For Sale boards outside the homes of the K5 and why, when allegedly asked to enter into a voluntary arrangement during the Appeal Hearing, did they refuse?

Why did they break into and take the properties belonging to Eva McCluskey and Pauline Read? Taking their word is something one cannot easily do. Remember one week before they broke into and took Ms Read’s home, in a meeting with the legal representative of the Bank, it was agreed that all the Kulaksiz 5 owners would furnish the Bank with a report on the state of each property. Indeed it had been intended to involve the Constructors Union in this exercise. Little did Ms Read realise as she left that meeting, exactly one week later the Bank would break into and take the villa she paid for. Such duplicity has been the hallmark of the Bank from day one.

Remember this?

“It could happen “only in the TRNC”
Tuesday, August 31, 2010 by Name & Address Supplied

Incredible though it may seem, on the 6th September it will be three months since Deleted BANK LIMITED took the unprecedented step of auctioning properties belonging to British pensioners and Turkish settlers (now TRNC citizens) after giving a mortgage to the previous owner of the land, following his selling the same to the current owners, and using land no longer available for the purpose as collateral. It used to be popular the say ‘only in America’, I have to amend that now and say ‘ONLY IN THE TRNC.’

There now remains nine months in which Deleted BANK LIMITED, by law must dispose of the villas. Will you stop laughing, I know I mentioned that 3 letter word which has absolutely no meaning in the TRNC and certainly none in the vocabulary of Akan Kursat the Advocate for Deleted BANK LIMITED. Eviction Orders; stuff and nonsense, who needs Eviction Orders when you have your trusty bank manager, locksmith and lookout boy? I wonder if they send him up chimneys or down the copper mines when not needed for lookout duties? Then of course there is the getaway driver, dunno if it was the Advocate or the bank manager, not much of a hit man, he missed, but only because Chris displayed agility not normally associated with someone of his advanced years (sorry Chris). As the Police noted, ‘didn’t hit you did he, what’s your problem then?’

Now we know Akan Kursat’s father is claiming an accreditation ISO9001 he has no right to claim. Can we wonder at his arrogant’ behaviour, the apple does not fall far from the tree.

I remember during one of my court appearances when I was feeling particularly vulnerable, the Advocate acting for Kulaksiz Construction Limited took me to one side and said “put your trust in the courts, it is all you can trust in the TRNC.” Even though the same Advocate did publicly and quite spectacularly ‘sack’ his client Abdurrahman Guney during a court hearing, I am afraid the advice he gave me turned out to be equally spectacularly untrue.”

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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