North Cyprus Property | Kulaksiz 5 | March 14th Hearing Cancelled

North Cyprus Property | Kulaksiz 5 March 14th Hearing CancelledWITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus Property | Kulaksiz 5 | March 14th Hearing Cancelled

Here we go again.

Although the Advocates acting for Kulaksiz 5 have the necessary amendment registered with the court, tomorrow’s hearing will not go ahead. I assume that the advocates will have to attend the court to be given the next date.

It is also interesting to note that the costs of the 1st of March appearance by Akan Kursat will be borne by the Kulaksiz 5, one assumes this is because their Advocate asked for the adjournment. So the report by NorthCyprusForum was not only false, it did not take into account that the adjournment would also be at the expense of the K5. One wonders why the many adjournments called for by the other side were not paid for by the other side?

Although I have not seen the translation of the High Court Appeal judges. I am reliably informed that K5 were awarded some unspecified costs. I do hope this will be of a significant amount to offset some of the costs awarded against the K5 and paid to the bank’s legal team.

It seems that Pauline Read is still awaiting the share owed by Richard Barclay from February 2012, over one year ago.

So tomorrow will be another non event and a new date will be given for the next hearing, which may or may not go ahead.

Well you know the K5 are so young they have all the time in the world to be put through this pantomime… NOT.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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