North Cyprus Property | Kulaksiz 5 Finances Under Pressure

North Cyprus Property | Kulaksiz 5 Finances Under Pressure
The appearance today at the Girne District court, as predicted yielded the expected adjournment and a new date of the 17th April was given.

However, despite the fact that four members of the K5 were present plus supporters (just in case), none of them made it into the court room.  Now whether the new date was given in the court room or in chambers I have no idea.

What I did learn, and only by asking the member of the K5 legal team who was there, was that they have submitted yet another amendment to our case with additional points which the Bank are already objecting to, so it is likely that the 17th April will be yet another adjournment, although our side have asked that it be a continuation of the hearing. It is important to note that all additional material submitted after the initial submission of evidence costs the submitting side additional money, so it looks as if the K5 litigants are going to be digging into their meagre reserves yet again.

Going to court is always an interesting experience. As soon as we entered the coffee area, the presence of someone else was pointed out to me.   My friends who also had court appearance today had been told by their advocate they did not need to attend. When I saw the person pointed out to me, I thought that’s odd which is exactly what it turned out to be.   More about that later.
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