North Cyprus Property | Kulaksiz 5 Case – More Details

North Cyprus Property | Kulaksiz 5 Case – More Details

Today the Kulaksiz 5 were subjected to yet another adjournment of their case, even though they all believed ‘this is it, all systems go’.   The reason this time was that the Judge had not had a chance to read the full details of the Appeal court’s ruling in K5’s favour on Thursday 14th February 2013.   The scheduled hearing for tomorrow Friday 22nd February 2013 was also cancelled.   The next hearing is now scheduled for the 1st of March 2013.

The visit to the court area was not without some interest however.   The  supporters were there as usual but the size of the court was too small to accommodate them all. A representative of MNCB was there and many interested Advocates, as was Ms Pembe Ibrahim accompanied by Mr David Davids.  The Chief reporter from Cyprus Today was also present.

As usual there were two plain clothes policemen present and under the circumstances, their presence was welcomed.

Only one male representative and one female were there  for the Bank.  I understand that the Kader family have suffered a bereavement and we extend our condolences for their loss.


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