North Cyprus Property | Kibris Star Article Translation – 11/1/2013

North Cyprus Property | Kibris Star Article Translation - 11/1/2013North Cyprus Property | Kibris Star Article Translation – 11/1/2013

Victims, the buyers of properties from Aga Development are disappointed.

What happened to the promises made to the English buyers?

What are the Prime Minister and Interior Minister, Nazim Çavusoğlu waiting for?

The other day I was invited to attend a meeting of English buyers of properties from Aga Development.

Gary Robb, by deceit, took their money but did not finish the construction of their properties and left them to their fate. I listened to many victims who have lost their loved ones and have had to fend for themselves.

Listening to them, I shared their grief and felt embarrassed to be a Turkish Cypriot.

As you may recall, the cheat Gary Robb, sold to these people and took abroad millions of Pounds of missing money. He was caught, sent to England, convicted and later sent to prison.

Gary Robb finished his sentence and I se looking at statements in recent days in local papers, he takes no blame for his deeds in the past, rather he blames ast Governments in order to exonerate himself. Now he seeks to return to TRNC.

Having been arrested in Thailand for money laundering the TRNC Government took the opportunity to remove his citizenship, following his deportation. The foreign victims of Gary Robb looked for justice through the Judicial System, then asked for help from the TRNC Government. This was an opportunity for many lawyers to make 100,000’s of pounds from foreigners to take their cases to court. They are the ones making great profit from the situation.

The foreign buyers did not get enough support from the TRNC administration nor the judiciary through the Head of the Court Association, who had the responsibility to have the properties finished in collaboration with the government. The Head of the Court Association did not keep his promises, tried to subcontract with other foreign contractors and managed to create even more victims over the next months.

One former subcontractor has been sending me emails from Canada, arguing that Cafer Gurcafer and the TRNC also cheated him.

Cafer Gurcafer escaped to South Cyprus claiming he will sue the TRNC and Turkey through ECHR, yet looking at the assessment of his own situation is for your own judgement.

There is a very serious case here. It is worth noting that all expats living in TRNC are individual ambassadors and diplomats for us. When they return to their countries everything they say, any comments, will not be good for the TRNC, which is unrecognised, isolated and still looking for International status.

The biggest duty of Mr Eroglu, the Prime Minister and Turkey is to deal with this. Because of 100’s of cases against Gary Robb, there are 100’s of legal memorandums against the properties so that nobody can do anything at all to complete the construction.

It is not legally possible for Gary Robb to return to TRNC since he has been deported.

Since the judicial road has been blocked for expat victims it is the Judiciary’s responsibility to provide justice in TRNC. So the Chief Justice of the High Court should take that responsibility and provide a solution for their problems.

It is the responsibility of the Minister of the Interior, Nazim Cavusoglu, to ex-appropriate all immovable property registered in the names of Gary Robb, his family or other authorised persons, even trustees as well as Aga Development. (Gary Robb’s company), due to liabilities owed to the State, unpaid by him. Then, under the State Social Housing Project concept, the land should be given to large construction groups (holding companies) with a tender conditional upon them completing unfinished buildings. The ones which were sold should be then given to the original owners and the rest of empty, usable land becomes redevelopment property for the construction company in return for the work they completed.

Mass housing companies in Turkey should be invited to TRNC, eg TOKI, and all ex-appropriated land can be tendered to them subject to their priority being return of keys to the original owners as soon as the project is completed. The other houses can be sold to new buyers and TRNC Government should be the main guarantor of all economic activities.

Turkish Infrastructural Investment Credits allocated to TRNC for 2013 budget should be supported by an additional supplementary budget from Ankara to finance the infrastructure investment of this site project and would be seen to be a fair and reasonable solution.


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