North Cyprus Property | K5 in Court | 28 Mar 2013


North Cyprus Property | K5 in Court | 28 Mar 2013 

This has been a very busy week with all the drama in the south’s banking system. That the ROC seems to have had no viable plans for the inevitable is amazing to say the least.On Thursday next, the 28th March, the Kulaksiz 5 are back in court. Already they know that it is to be adjourned and that they will be given a date for the next appearance. I have stopped using the word ‘hearing’ since this seems to be put off time and time again.

The reason for the adjournment, as I understand it, is that the Bank have rejected the amended figures submitted by the K5 legal team. These are allegedly the figures of the amount spent by each litigant when purchasing their villa. One assumes that if the two sides are unable to agree on this, both sides will be heard by the Judge and he will rule on this issue.  In effect another hearing before the case hearing for real can take place.

Really ‘You Could Not Make It Up’.

Thursday 28th March…Girne District Court…9.00 am.

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