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For all those who have been reading about the Harmony (Boyut site) which is getting a huge amount of publicity via Afrika Gazetesi, here is the answer to the question:

Who is

Girne Caddesi No 1
Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

It is the Near East Bank, the one now touting for ex-pat accounts and the name you have all have come to know through the new and very swish branches that have been appearing.

I am making no comment on the efficacy of this bank, what I would question is the lending policy whereby £millions have been lent to Firat Yilmaz the owner of Boyut Limited.

This has resulted in misery and expense for almost every purchaser of a Boyut home.

It seems Boysan Boyra has been playing a blinder for his clients at Harmony site and I would think this Bank is beginning to wonder at the prudence of lending so much to one company and indeed taking as security homes that were already sold to hapless Boyut purchasers.

I am sure Boyut owners, that Kulakisiz 5 owners are cheering you on. Indeed I am sure many Banks are now reviewing their position. Akfinans Bank Limited are of course the Bank involved in the Kulaksiz 5 case.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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