North Cyprus Property | Gary Robb Seeks Compensation

North Cyprus Property | Gary Robb Seeks CompensationWITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus Property | Gary Robb Seeks Compensation

Well Mr Robb certainly does not like to lose anything, even if he scammed his way into achieving it. No one doubts that Mr Robb brought a lot of money into north Cyprus, no one also has any doubt he has filtered a lot out of north Cyprus too. Ask yourself where a convicted felon might have obtained the money initially?

It seems not enough, because now this felon is ‘threatening’ north Cyprus with legal action. A bit rich you may think, you may well be right too. However if the letter he is alleged to have sent to Mr Eroglu is being reported correctly, our villain thinks himself a victim. We heard that little gem being broadcast by his wife Aga at the meeting of Toparlaniyoruz at the Pia Bella. A view that seems to have received some sympathy from the other stbinc group who had her as a member, much to the disgust of the real Aga victims and only when forced to did they remove her.

Isn’t it ironic to see such hypocritical behaviour?


In the TURKISH REPUBLIC of NORTHERN CYPRUS in the late 1990s and 2000s, one of the largest construction traders British citizen Gary John Robb, inhabited by the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) of the principal issues in the past claimed to be the Government. Robb, both himself, and asked for compensation for the victims of all customers. Robb, compensation, Builder of the international judiciary tehtidini slashed.

After serving nine months in prison in southern Cyprus, returning to England, Gary John Robb, the President wrote in a letter to Dervis Eroglu and Dr. Prime Minister Ferdi Sabit Soyer, of the period very heavy language. In the article, even in English, giving Turkish küfürlere penned the Interior Minister Ozkan Murat of Robb and former President Jafar Gürcafer, brought accusations of construction contractors.

Extensive summary of the letter

Robb wrote in the letter, addressed to the President of broad summary as follows:

“We’ll take positive news about my and my customers should be compensated, and I am hoping to progress in this regard.

This will be the last time you live information. Followed by legal action against the TURKISH REPUBLIC of NORTHERN başlatacağım.

Also, why do you want to specify the type and also geciktiğimi to provide information.

The reason for this is that gecikmemin money reporting this process is some cases where I have left me in a difficult position.

You have to take measures in the comments and I delayed I held.

I suppose I’d be wrong if you say that your knowledge, so I would like to inform you briefly.

in 1997, the TURKISH REPUBLIC of NORTHERN CYPRUS have come as the trader to construction. For me, I started to invest in the cons truction of the legal deed that would. Subsequently, I’ve been the island’s largest independent investor named the AGA home Developments. During this time I’ve been the owner of the ID card of your mobile party during the period of power.

I told my clients to invest in Thailand and the two countries böleceğimi my time.

Ercan’s arrest

In the United Kingdom, money to begin to do research on the premises of SOCA’s on the way to the TURKISH REPUBLIC of NORTHERN CYPRUS, on the orders of the Ferdi Sabit Soyer during the up being detained. But I managed to move out of the black money absolve from Iran. Soyer while illegally canceled that vatandaşlığımı later to be truncated; The Republic of Cyprus pulled out a European arrest warrant and İnterpol via aleyhime Thailand sent this to order.

Go to the TURKISH REPUBLIC of NORTHERN CYPRUS as a volunteer inşaatlarımı makinelerime etmişken accept all of the contractors Association to continue, all construction materials and learned that bankalardaki parama (deposit). My Gürcafer, my knowledge and my approval by Ferdi Sabit Soyer AGA Cafer outside Developments for my company’s principal named Meanwhile, my was brought into play and dolandırılma events.

Wanting me to continue this I work for İnşaatlarına read more about Protocol and check your customers accounts, monthly payment differences arose .

In accordance with the Protocol agreed to be a illegal before doing the jobs that I have – but England is abducted. I had a British passport, valid, but a temporary one to me and He would two police at gunpoint and İbrahim Cingoz Jamin took me kelepçeleyip. Me vurmakla threat. My parents took us to England along. Then he showed me these names with SOCA.

Gunpoint hijacking event (say the name of the Turkish cursing), Soyer and Özkan Murat. The reason for doing so, making recommendations for reddetmemdi subsidies to parties in the elections.

Dr. Dogan Harman, together with the two people meeting did. At this meeting they wanted money from me, made better choices. Bids sent me a few days after the kaçırtıp reddedişimden to the UK. These events are your period ago.

To find out if you have a chance to prove your like them.

Grieving customers

Since then my financial suffering as pulls. Is difficult. (Having trouble the company’s customers specifically named Amaranta).

Following these events, I was returned to the Republic of Cyprus. Return edilmem arsalarına I iddiasıydı as illegal that he lands on my behalf (your) Apartment was by the land registry. I have a good faith belief that it was the owner of koçanların. slept with nine months of imprisonment under penalty of 10 months. Like me okwechime everyone were in the same area can be subject to punishment. Vatandaşlığımı would like to restore. Because I myself savunamıyorum in the TURKISH REPUBLIC of NORTHERN CYPRUS. I want to solve my problems and defend.

Save to my yokluğumda progress and so many years Amaranta Valley there is nothing too failed. All this can be taken to court records in the UK, just above.

As far as I could tell, it was neither you nor partiniz hükümetteydi. After all these years, nothing was done. Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, the simplest con tinues not to respect human rights, we are also equally

I’m going to have to handle (it administrators).

In London, I have contacted several times with Sarah Destegül for representative but has not returned to me in no time and information.

Note: in addition, a variety of and similar internet pages or groups due to the failed against the notifying me about dilemezlerse apologize for any legal action in the UK by başlatacağım.


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