North Cyprus Property | Definition of Acceptable is What You Accept


I have for a long time been of the opinion that many victims of the north Cyprus property scams stick their head in the sand simply because they do not know what else to do.  The acceptance of what has happened to them is their first mistake. I do not blame them, I often hear people say things like “well our builder hasn’t finished our villa but at least he hasn’t put a mortgage on it”. As if by not putting a mortgage on it, he is some kind of hero. No, that is what you expect of a reputable builder, but don’t allow the fact he has not done that to excuse him from the very bad thing he is doing, not finishing the build in line with your Contract.

The problem is that so many bad things are happening to good people, acceptance by degrees is setting in. Think back, before the enormity of the mortgage/bad build/no build/ demanding extra money for whatever reason they can think up became known; would we have accepted any bad behaviour? No we would not. So why are we doing it now?

If a builder deviates from the Contract one iota, he is in breach and acting badly. Accepting bad acts by degrees is not right but because of the length of time this has been happening a placid acceptance seems to have emerged. Wake up, do not accept it!

This is not just a home buyers epidemic. Basaran Duzgun, Editor of Havadis newspaper, has been “pondering the view that it was not malice that made one’s life unbearable, but the dawn of perception amongst the public that this was the norm.” He also remarked on the saying “he is dead but he does not know it yet”. He was talking about the appalling situation in Lefkosa where the refuse collectors and other municipality workers are on strike. Where the refuse is piling up and rotting and presenting a real health hazard. Can we blame the workers. I think not. They lack wages, their social benefits payments are not being met. The Muhtars met but the will to take positive action is not there. Why? Because they are dispirited, disillusioned without hope and are accepting the unacceptable as normal.

It would seem that, whether we are Turkish Cypriot or foreigner, we have all been subjected to the virus “placid acceptance”, the cure is in our hands.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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