North Cyprus Property | Caveat Emptor Means ‘Bled Dry’

North Cyprus Property | Caveat Emptor Means 'Bled Dry'North Cyprus Property | Caveat Emptor Means ‘Bled Dry’

A great many people of faith believe that just rewards only come to those who wait and that sometimes you’ll have to wait until you die to obtain justice. I wonder if this applies to having faith in the north Cyprus legal system? I would not be surprised if property victims such as Pauline Read, who we’ve read a lot about on NCFP, now realise that her faith in that system was misplaced.

How can she win a case in 2009 and watch that judgement be challenged in 2013? She was assured by representatives of the north Cyprus legal system that the time given to challenge the judgement was six months, yet here we are 45 months later and the Supreme Court has given leave to the Advocates acting for the two home owners on Kocan 3881 to challenge the Breach of Contract award with a view to overturning the judgement of another judge representing the north Cyprus legal system. If she had lost the original case she would have had no alternative but to challenge Akfinan Bank taking possession of her property but, believing her Contract was now void and replaced by a north Cyprus court award, she thought herself protected against their action.

What is even more unfathomable is the fact that Pauline Read has agreed to remove the memorandum on Kocan 3881, which in effect negates the need for this legal case to cancel the original award. Nevertheless it seems the Advocates are still going ahead with the case. Why?

Ms Read apparently does not object to them doing this, but since she has done the right thing, one has to wonder the need for spending more of their client’s money….unless of course they intend to ‘stiff’ Ms Read for the costs of that case too. Now that’s a thought, are they trying to use the north Cyprus legal system as a weapon to force ex-pat pensioner victims into leaving the country in order to attempt to live the few years they have left in peace. Ms Read’s case isn’t an isolated one in which these tactics are being used.

Now you really have to wonder why anyone would take the court route if Ms Read accepts that she cannot enforce her award. Ms Read has lost her villa, the bank now live in it after forcibly repossessing it on the 30th July 2010. She has agreed to to lift the memorandum rather than do to the owners what the bank did to her. She still has 6 ongoing cases (4 of those have been condensed into one) of the ten she has had in the system and now number 11 is on the cards because the Bailiff is apparently looking for her. How much more does this country want to take from her; her life perhaps? She and her partner are unwell and feel as they are being killed by degrees. They are guilty of nothing more than buying in north Cyprus and each and every legal case is as a direct result of that one act, innocently buying in north Cyprus.

When you really think about it, every attack on Ms Read has had a similar aim; to shut her up. To stop her spreading the message that in north Cyprus, caveat emptor doesn’t mean ‘buyer beware’ it means ’empty body’ or drained; physically, emotionally and financial bled dry in the search of justice. It’s as if north Cyprus is a Mediterranean Transylvania. Not everyone gets bitten by a vampire but when they do no help is available. You’re told by advocates that throwing money at the vampires kills them but somehow the victims never quite seem to have enough money. So what’s the solution? Currently there’s no answer to that question.

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