North Cyprus Property Auctions – November 2011

Is it the beginning of the end, the end of the beginning or the opportunity for the TRNC Government to take off its blinkers and start a ‘new beginning.’

On the 13th November 2011 there is to be an Auction at the Coffee Shop opposite the Court in Girne. Now it is not entirely clear, since I do not speak Turkish, whether this covers two properties with two separate Kocans and a Supermarket, or just the Supermarket which is on the two Kocans. One thing you can be sure of is, I will endeavour to find out.

Interestingly, the builder named on this Notice is Fatisa Construction Limited and I do know that one of the victims, an earlier purchaser of a K5 property, did actually buy her property from Fatisa who was at the time in some way involved with Kulaksiz Constructions Limited. By the time I purchased my villa from Kulaksiz there had been a parting of the ways. ‘Birds of a feather’ springs to mind.

The second auction is on the 27th November 2011 also at the Coffee Shop, both auctions are scheduled to start at 10.00 a.m. Both are on a Sunday as is usually the case. Remember Kulaksiz and Tutuska, both on a Sunday.

That well known, if not infamous felon, Gary Robb is again at the centre of the scandalous event taking place on the 27th. I am told the Auction is to pay a debt incurred by Robb with a man by the name of Mr Eray, a Turkish Cypriot. I have no knowledge of the amount of the original debt or the terms of the loan. I do know however, where the name Robb is involved, alarm bells start ringing.

We read that Robb’s wife Aga describes her husband as a ‘victim’. I know we all smile when we hear that, but come on folks, why would we think that someone on the run, who came to North Cyprus, charmed or bought his way into citizenship, a man with an extradition application for his return to Britain on drugs related offences, a man who was allowed to start a company, a man who had as his fellow shareholder a well known Advocate and the former Head of the Construction Union on the board, a man who went on to allegedly defraud 100’s of purchasers (many pensioners) out of their life’s savings, is anything but a victim. A victim of his own greed. During the boom there was a feeding frenzy by those looking to make a fast buck and the innocent purchasers were the fodder for these piranhas.

Mr Robb was returned to Britain but by the time this happened he had already wreaked havoc here, too little too late as usual. He served his time in Britain and then was extradited to the RoC where he received a very lenient sentence because he co-operated and was ‘sorry’. Now would that be sorry for what he had done, or sorry because he got caught?

This is the start. The Banks and Creditors can see clearly what is happening to Kulaksiz 5. Emboldened by this I fully expect the Auctions to become a regular occurrence, unless the Government steps in. Banks and Creditors who made bad business decisions by either giving mortgages to unsavoury builders on properties already sold, or creditors who extended lines of credit to builders already in default with payment until the debts became so large, court action resulted in memorandums on land/villas, although already sold still appeared at the Tapu in the builder’s name due to the shortfalls in the Permission to Purchase process.

To those of you who registered your Contract but do not have the Kocan I say, please do a search. You might be surprised that the law allowing you to register your Contract is still not protecting you. Tucked in behind your Contract you could find a Memorandum, the owner of which could still force a sale on your property. Yes you will receive the Contract price on the Contract as you are the first creditor, however will this cover all you have spent turning your villa into a home?. Will this give you comfort for the emotional trauma of being forced to sell your home through no fault of your own?

Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook Group will be campaigning against these Auctions. We will be there on the day. Common sense tells us all that the Auctions should not take place. We call on the Government to stop this barbaric practice and repeal the archaic laws that allow this to happen. Action Against Eviction should not be necessary in a civilised society, evicting the innocent to pay the debts of fraudsters is an anathema.

The Government can ensure that no more cases get to the Eviction stage.

My thanks to my fellow committee member of STBINC for kindly visiting the Coffee Shop and getting photo copies of the Auction Notices’

Never give in, never give up.

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