North Cyprus Property Auction | Bektaş Supermarket

On Sunday 13th November 2011, apparently the North Cyprus Property Auction of the Fatisa property, the building that formerly housed Bektaş Supermarket went ahead.

I have been receiving reports of many arrests, of the owner of Fatisa Construction Limited allegedly ending up on the floor of the Coffee Shop, the venue for the Auction (opposite the Girne District Court), and of ‘all hell’ breaking loose. Allegedly a bank loan being taken by Fatisa from Universal Bank not being paid was the cause of the forced sale. There is also a report of the son of another well known Building Company sustaining a broken thumb, and of arrests.

My sympathy does not automatically go to the Fatisa family for two reasons. This appears to a be a commercial loan secured on their assets. An experienced business person must surely know that if you use a business asset to secure a loan and then default on the loan, you will lose that asset.

The second reason is that in the early days, when selling the villas off plan on the Kulaksiz 5 site, one of the villas was sold to Mr and Mrs. A. B***** by Mr Fatisa. During the course of this week, unless she is very much mistaken, our sleuth Polly Marples saw an old truck we had frequently seen used by Kulaksiz Contruction Limited sitting outside the abandoned Supermarket. Now what explanation could there be for that?

A fellow Committee Member of Stop the Blackmail is endeavouring to get me an interview with Fatisa, is there still a connection between the two companies? If I get the opportunity. I will ask.

I was informed that allegedly no bids were received.

The important Auction, the one involving the victims of Gary Robb at Karaman/Karmi, takes place in twelve days time This is an Auction I do intend to attend. Yesterday I wrote of my concerns regarding the main debt on this site and of the landowner not only claiming he did not receive the property worth somewhere in the order of £350,000 but also of an additional debt he claims for material/supplies in the sum of $200,000.

It is not clear whether the landowner will have access to the funds to be in a position to bid at the auction but he is allegedly seeking these funds. Let us all pray he is not looking in Mr Robb’s direction. The same scenario will be in place as that of the Akfinans – Kulaksiz 5 auction. The bidder will have to write a valid cheque for any bid s/he puts in. However if it is the landowner, and remember folks this is only a hypothetical scenario, I am making no allegations, the money paid to the Tapu will go straight back to the bidder (if landowner) minus any costs incurred by the Tapu. Indeed should it happen to be the landowner he will receive his money back plus the land very much enriched by the victims’ homes. I believe there is a legal term here for the scenario where disputed land that was given without any building on, then returned to the original owner with buildings on. The real owners of the buildings may have a case under the ‘Unlawful Enrichment’ law. Of course I am no legal expert but it may be worth discussing with those that are.

In twelve days time unless the Government or the legal system intervenes, the Auction will take place. We, the victims and their supporters must show a united front to the ‘powers that be’. However, this must be orderly and peaceful. I urge you all to attend the Auction and show the owners of the site that they are not alone. In doing this you will be forcing those who would take our ‘homes’ to see the faces of their victims and in looking at those faces perhaps their hearts will be touched and they will see just how much harm they are inflicting on fellow human beings.

For those of you who believe as I do, I ask you to pray. For those who do not, but feel the rightness of the this cause, I ask you to be there on the Sunday 27th November, the Coffee Shop opposite Girne District Court. The Auction has a start time of 10.00 a.m. I intend to be there from 9.30 a.m.

If you care, be there.

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