North Cyprus Property | Armacon Pine Bay Village

North Cyprus Property | Armacon Pine Bay VillageWITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus Property | Armacon Pine Bay Village

North Cyprus Free Press received an email from the alleged North Cyprus Property victims of the story below, asking for their story to be published on our online newspaper.

On the 14th May 2007 Deborah and Daniel Scott Ritchie Contracted to buy a North Cyprus Property from Armacon Design Ltd. They allege they gave their Advocate Mustafa Sener the Power of Attorney to sign on their behalf and I have seen an unsigned copy of the Power of Attorney for Mrs Scott Ritchie. The Contract certainly does bear out this claim. The vendor allegedly also used a Power of Attorney to sign their side of the Contract too, namely Mr Serhat Harman. According to the purchasers Mr Harman is allegedly now pursuing an acting career, having already starred in a movie. I will refrain from making an obvious comment.

The Agent in this North Cyprus Property transaction was Remax Golden Estate Agency who names the site as Armacon Pine Bay Village (semi detached villa) and confirms receipt of a £2000 deposit being taken from Mr and Mrs Scott Ritchie on the 03/05/07. It may be worth noting at this stage that should Mr and Mrs Scott Ritchie fail to put the Kocan into their name, under the Estate Agents Law, they might like to approach the Selling Agent for the return of the commission they received in respect of this North Cyprus Property. As a registered Agent Remax should allegedly carry indemnity insurance.

The Contract of Sale being signed on both sides by Powers of Attorney takes ‘arms length’ buying and selling to a new level. It may not be unusual but in my opinion is not to be recommended.

The Contract carries the usual conditions with a schedule of payments Mr and Mrs Scott Ritchie tells me they have met. Of the £55,000 purchase price only £7,500 remains to be paid.

Mr and Mrs Scott Ritchie tell me they remortgaged their British home to fund the purchase of this North Cyprus Property. The purchasers allege that their Advocate holds a copy of all receipts for payment made.

The situation at the present time is that the villa is unfinished, 51 months behind on the completion date. There is a penalty clause of £300 per month. Apparently, the builder is happy to allow them to finish the build themselves, claiming he has no money to do so. The estimated cost of this is £15,000 and does not include the supply of water, electricity and infrastructure.

Add to this the fact that the builder is in dispute with the landowner, allegedly England Estates Kyrenia, who refuse to release the Kocan as the builder allegedly has reneged on building further villas for him. You can see the Scott Ritchies are a pawn in a much bigger game. Knowing this they would be fool hardy to part with any more of their hard earned money.

The purchasers tell me their dream was to move to north Cyprus where Deborah would start a business as a Holistic Therapist. The reality, of course, is that it would be unlikely she would ever get the necessary permit to do this. Daniel 56 and Deborah 51 are now involved in legal action against their builder.

So here we have a couple who dared to dream, remortgaged their home in the UK and now are left with a mortgage and hefty legal bills and their dreams in tatters.

It is sad to read of yet another victim of the greed and avarice here in north Cyprus. I have a friend also embroiled in legal action against the same builder, this friend told me a a story of the same builder allegedly following him to the airport and threatening him bodily harm. He truly believes it was only the intervention of a British Turkish Cypriot that saved him.


All the material in this story was given by Mr and Mrs Scott Ritchie. NCFP has kept this material and the article is written at the request of the victims.


The purchaser only ever has one obligation under a Contract of Sale – to pay and to pay at the stages specified. The vendor has many obligations. Until the building industry in north Cyprus has a strong and honest method of policing the building industry and forcing builders to meet their obligations, nothing will change.


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