North Cyprus Property | Are You Suffering from K5 Fatigue?

North Cyprus Property | Are You Suffering from K5 Fatigue?North Cyprus Property | Are You Suffering from K5 Fatigue?

Are the public in north Cyprus suffering from Kulaksiz 5 fatigue? They could be forgiven if they are. It seems that the situation as far as the Kulaksiz 5’s North Cyprus Property are concerned has been told in as many ways as it is humanly possible to do so.

There have been emotional appeals, centring on the fact that these are old people who are being treated inhumanely. The breaking and entering into two of the villas has been highlighted. In north Cyprus, as with all civilised countries, there is a set legal procedure to repossession of North Cyprus Property; obtaining a court order is only the start. Now the legitimacy of the Court Order obtained by the bank is being brought into question.

Tempers have run high, anger and frustration common place. But the facts are now being re-examined in the Girne District with a view to deciding on the legitimacy of all the action taken previously.  If the Judge decides that these actions were legitimate, there will almost certainly be an Appeal by the litigants.  If the Judge decides that these actions were not legitimate, there will almost certainly be an Appeal by the defendants. This has been going on for so long, the one thing both sides must surely have in common is that they want to see an end to it.

Look what was happening in April 2011. We are now almost two years on and still it has not been resolved.

Kulaksiz 5 meet the Turkish Ambassador and are in Volkan newspaper
Friday, April 22, 2011 – by Name & Address Supplied

This morning has been spent in a meeting with the Turkish Ambassador in Lefkosa. It was, in my opinion, a very productive meeting where they were given a warm and positive reception. Naturally it would be premature for me to give details of this meeting since our situation is delicate and change daily. I can say though that the Ambassador seemed shocked by what he was hearing with regard to the level of intimidation being suffered by elderly frail pensioners whose only mistake was to buy from rogues. Pensioners whose entire lives have been turned upside down by the wrong doing of others.

Today also sees the first brave Turkish language newspaper who dared defy Akfinans Bank Limited and go ahead and print the statement so bravely made by Advocate Boysan Boyra. They have had to pay for this as an advertisement but nevertheless it covers page 1 and pages 15, 16, 17 and 18 and is accompanied by photos. This is the first opportunity they have had to make this statement available to the hard working Turkish Cypriot people to read. They have a right to receive this news, but not in the opinion of the Bank who have gone to extraordinary lengths to prevent the publication. What I do find extremely sad is that the majority of the press have accommodated them.

For those of you who cannot get a copy, here are a few assorted photos from the newspaper. A Bank Limited, be aware, Pauline Read did not take even one of these photographs, and was not even there during this particular fracas. she is afraid she will offend sensibilities again, another one of the backside of a Bank official going through the window, still if he doesn’t like it he could always use it to wipe said backside. Is printers ink toxic, I do hope so?

Remember, you read the Boysan Boyra Statement in English here on NCFP first.

Whatever the outcome of this tragedy here in north Cyprus, it will never reflect well on those who allowed it to happen.

Never give in never give up


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