North Cyprus Property | Afrika Reports Kulaksiz 5 Victory


North Cyprus Property | Afrika Reports Kulaksiz 5 Victory

It was very interesting to see in the Turkish language extract that Afrika Gazestezi was once again kind enough to publish the obtaining of the Interim Injunction by the Kulaksiz 5 and unafraid to publish all the names the details.

Afrika Gazezeti is clearly upholding the traditions of the free press and publish and be damned are not just words to them. Well done Sener Levent, owner and editor of Afrika Gazetezi.

Their support of all property victims has been there from day one and they can take the story to the Turkish speaking public who have a right to know. Many English speaking readers on NCFP will not understand this but we do have Turkish speaking readers and certainly on the FaceBook groups where this will also be linked, the majority of the members are Turkish speaking.


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