North Cyprus News | TRNC Builders’ Association ask for President’s Help

A group headed by the Cyprus Turkish Building Contractors’ Association’s Vice-President Faik Dağaştı, visited President Derviş Eroğlu to point out to him something he should have already known; the construction sector is having problems. The association asked the President for his support in solving their problems.

According to the BRT website, the President said that, “all sectors in the country should be functioning well and should not experience problems.”

Now I read this short article and thought it was just poor reporting of a Turkish language story badly translated into English but then got thinking about what may have happened between the two men in the room.

Dağaştı: Mr President, the Construction Industry is in dire straights

Eroğlu: Well, it shouldn’t be, it should be functioning well.

Dağaştı: No, Mr President, we’re asking you to help us put the Construction Industry right

Eroğlu: There should be nothing wrong with it, it should be function like the rest of the economy

Dağaştı: Mr President, you’re right, it is function like the rest of the economy, it’s in trouble and we need you to put it right

Eroğlu: It should be functioning well…

Source: BRT

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