Martians to Revitalise the Cyprus Property Market

If you were a Martian and by some chance you landed on the island of Cyprus, I am sure you would be struck by the number of unfinished buildings, the number of empty shop units and the discontent of all the people.  Of course I do not know what counts as beauty to a Martian so I cannot say how our visitor would view the terrain, the countryside and all that we Earthlings consider things of beauty. However, let’s assume that having managed to navigate his way from Mars to Cyprus, our visitor his a very high intelligence quotient.

What then would he make of the fact the property purchasers have at least five different associations, groups, societies, call them what you will but all with a common aim. To make the authorities on both side of the island aware that there is something VERY WRONG in their property markets.

In the RoC there is the Cyprus Property Action Group who have been campaigning for justice for foreign and domestic property purchasers. There is the Cyprus Property Action Group (CPAG) and today I discovered the Property in Cyprus Action group (PICA )

Both these groups are actively campaigning in the RoC over the various property scams and the general injustice toward to victims in the RoC. Their complaints are startlingly similar to the complaints of the TRNC property scam victims.

Now having seen the discontent in the south, let us assume our Martian gets into his shuttle (standard equipment in every Martian space vehicle) finds a suitable unmanned place to cross and comes into the north. What does he find here, well similar such organisations with a common goal to those in the south. To get the Government to recognise the property problems and to rectify them together with addressing the injustices too.

In North Cyprus he finds the Home Buyers Pressure Group (HBPG) gamely manned or should that be womanned by Marion Stokes who has given tirelessly of her time and efforts and kept at it even when a lesser person would have given up. The Make North Cyprus Better movement (MNCB), who too are lobbying at every level for justice, to stop the auctions, to stop the evictions. Then we have Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook Group, the brainchild of John Good whose idea took seed and from small beginnings now has a membership of over 1300 people consisting of Turkish Cypriots and foreigners. We have Amaranta Buyers Action Group, victims of that well know felon Gary Robb and his cohorts, Akan Kursat etc.

Our Martian visitor must by now be thinking ‘what on earth (pun) am I doing here?’. Clearly this island is not yet ready for retired Martians to buy a second home and most certainly not ready for the Martian Travel Agencies to market as a holiday destination. Maybe he will put in his diary to try again in 50 years time. Maybe that will be too soon to see any real change. For all our sakes, I hope not.


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