Human rights violated in Akfinan Bank case?

When I first found out about the mortgage on Kulaksiz 5, it was put to me that I should not upset the Builder. The thinking was that maybe he would do the right thing and pay off the mortgage. That is not my way and so I immediately sought legal advice and started my Breach of Contract action. You will recall the ‘liver spitting in my face’ confrontation when I was canvassing signatures for my petition to take to the Appeal hearing, the reason – the builder had the ‘hump’ because of me. These events are now far behind us.

The worst case scenario is now about to happen next Sunday and only a miracle will change this. Akfinans Bank Limited are about to capitalise on their mortgage just as they have on the 80% per quarter compound interest rate! I know it’s obscene, you know it’s obscene the Government knows it’s obscene. It may be legal here and indeed in the south, nevertheless it is so very wrong.

There needs to be a full Government Enquiry into this.

How can it be right that a court hearing can take place without ALL parties affected being notified?

How can it be right that property be mortgaged without ALL parties affected being notified?

How can it be right that there is a public auction without ALL parties affected being notified?

It is a clear violation of the HUMAN RIGHTS of ALL the parties who were NOT notified.

Show your support for the owners of Kulaksiz 5 (the true owners) by being at the auction on Sunday next 6th June – The Coffee Shop Karsiyaka Square. You might be surprised who you find your standing next to! Come before 9.00 a.m it promises to be an interesting morning

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