Boycott north Cyprus builders refusing to accept court judgements?

The case of Don and Sheila Vango is yet another example of a builder refusing to honour the verdict of a court case. In the Vangos’ case the court awarded them £175,000 plus interest because the house built by Ismail Beydola had to be condemned. Beydola blamed the reason he is not paying the award on the effect the bad publicity has had on this other businesses. He pleads poverty plus he will not accept the findings of the Cyprus and Turkish Union of Architects’ and Engineers’ Chamber. According to Cyprus Today, Beydola accuses them of writing a negative report in order to get the Vango’s business.

This attitude has so incensed other property buyers that some are now suggesting that a database of builders should be put together along with other businesses related to them and that this be published in order that those wishing to boycott them could do so. While this seems unfair and extreme, many property owners feel that if the legal system is unable to bring justice, or is too expensive to use, then perhaps other more immediate and inexpensive means should be used.

This suggestion is only just beginning to build up steam and so it is not clear how serious its proposers are. In the past, apathy and lack of leadership has meant that such moves have been doomed from the start but with the multi-million buying power of property owners it would quickly have an impact, especially during these hard times. It would only take an organisation such as HBPG to start the ball rolling and this would build the momentum necessary to make a boycott a credible deterrent for other builders who might be considering avoiding a court judgement.

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