Aga Saga – would you put up with the put offs?

These are the results of the United Amaranta Buyers (UAB) Meeting held on 30th January 2010 after which we have answered Q.13. Anyone still not sure whether to join the Aga Buyers Action Group (ABAG) in the Tsimpedes lawsuit, we draw their attention to the answer to this question and also the questions regarding refunds (Q.2 & Q3.) from the TRNC.

Qu.1. What is the feeling of the meeting regarding the recent ABAG intent to use the American Lawyers and take the TRNC to court?

Ans. There was no support for this action and the meeting was against it by unanimous vote.

Qu.2. Despite having an injunction in place what chance, if any, is there of receiving any of our stolen money back in the near future?

Ans. Unless the matter of title is sorted out and a rescue package put together there can be no refunds in the near future and it may be that no refunds will be available until the valley is completed and properties sold.

Qu.3. Where would any money come from to make any refunds?

Ans. There is no money currently available for refunds see the answer to Q2 above.

Qu.4. We have not taken any injunction out in the past. Should we now be taking legal action to secure a judgement against AGA Development?

Ans. There are ongoing discussions with legal professionals as to the way forward and the need to take individual legal action. Results of these discussions will be reported as soon as possible.

Qu.5. Will the current ABAG action effect what you or others are doing to resolve the AGA problems?

Ans. It should have no effect, the Government are aware that we are not involved with ABAG.

Qu.6. What is the way ahead for Amaranta Valley. Is it via the sale of the whole development to a new developer?

Ans. This is one solution that has been put forward along with other investment alternatives but until we are able to obtain clean title to the land then no investment solutions seem viable.

Qu.7. What is the appetite to help from the TRNC Government?

Ans. The Government repeatedly tell us that they want to help but little has been forthcoming of late. The Upcoming Presidential Election in April is starting to take centre stage particularly as the current Prime Minister has declared his intent to run for President. However Marian Stokes has secured a meeting next week with the PM’s undersecretary. (Update: At the meeting with the Under Secretary Marian was promised a meeting with the Interior Minister and a representative from the Attorney Generals office. This has not yet transpired)

Qu.8. Is the request for refund signed in accordance with the protocol recognised in current negotiations?

Ans. In as far as it can be then yes it will be part of negotiations but see the answer to Q2 above.

Qu.9. The protocol promised payment in monthly instalments if after 2 years no refund was received, what are the chances of this happening?

Ans. With Gary Robb in prison in the UK and firmly out of the scene here in the TRNC there is no realistic chance of this happening as far as we can see.

Qu.10. Do the recent judgements regarding HZ Omar have any effect on Amaranta Valley?

Ans. Only in as much as legal impediments will be removed if the judgements effect a resolve for those who hold them against Amaranta Valley.

Qu.11. What are the ramifications of the Orams case for buyers at Amaranta Valley?

Ans. In the short term it may make investors less willing to put money into the TRNC property market. It may also effect property prices throughout the TRNC.

Qu.12. What is the opinion of the group about the funds that are held in the UK?

Ans. If clause 14 of the protocol could be enforced in the UK then the full amount should come to our account in the TRNC. Gary John Robb from the 1st party is under an obligation to credit the escrow account with the £1,500,000.00 STG that has been blocked by the British Authorities in Britain after the removal of this blockage with the full co-operation of the YRNC Government.”

Qu.13. Will it be part of the ABAG action to get the law firm to push for completion, refunds or compensation?

Ans. We cannot answer for ABAG. We can answer that:- The USA lawsuit is designed to pay refund + Interest + Compensation, the latter will incorporate the 25% Attourney fee. The awards will come from Turkey/TRNC assets held within the USA. As they both hold a physical presence in the USA they will have to comply with any American Court Order issued against them

Qu.14. When/if Gary Robb is released from prison is it likely that he will be allowed back to the TRNC. What would be his rights to Amaranta Valley.

Ans. It is very unlikely that he would be allowed or want to return to the TRNC. The issue of his rights to Amaranta Valley is a problem which is still being addressed with the Government in terms of whether they are able to make a Compulsory Acquisition of the land.

Qu.15. Would it be possible once & for all to have one body representing Aga Buyers in dealings with the Government etc? It must be frustrating and confusing for Government departments to have to deal with both AIM & ABC / UAB, so why not in future have one body say UAB dealing with the Government and if necessary AIM & ABC could be sub-committees supporting & feeding information to, UAB.

Ans. It has been formally agreed by all parties in the TRNC that the way forward is with one voice that being UAB. Site committees will continue to work towards their aims and goals as in the past supporting the efforts of the combined UAB and adding their inputs and sharing information so that a complete picture is available when taking issues forwards to meetings with the Government and or NGA’s as appropriate. This step was given the full support of all attendees at the meeting.

Qu.16. We would support a move towards one Lawyer representing all Aga Buyers providing that they were not also representing others connected to Aga Construction in any way. This of course means yet more legal fees but believe that having so many Lawyers apparently working the issues is counter productive and we would have strength in numbers.

Ans. This on the face of it is a very good idea. There are lawyers that we could take on. The problem with the idea is that each client has his own lawyer who has possibly been representing them in legal/court proceedings and therefore they will still be in the picture.

The other issue arising is what would we be asking him/her to do for us?

Question from the Floor

I propose that we apply for a license to protest in the TRNC, we might never need it, but at least it would be ready. It would also be interesting to see if this Government issues us with one after we stood shoulder to shoulder with locals in Lefkosia to protest about the Orams decision last year.

Ans. Marian Stokes said that it takes only three days to process an application for a legal protest or demonstration and that she had confirmed that non TRNC citizens do have the right to public protest.

A suggestion came from the floor that they should make every effort to include Turkish Cypriots and well as expats since we had shown our solidarity to them over the Orams protest. It was the general consensus that they should go ahead with planning a protest with the target being the Parliament on a Thursday. A date and details will be announced as plans are formulated

ABAG Comments:

It is clear beyond all reasonable doubt that no progress what so ever has been made over the last 5 years by anyone in the TRNC – not because they haven’t tried -because the TRNC Government past and present are ignoring them and will continue to do so. Why will some not wake up and smell the coffee so to speak – it’s NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!! There is no money in the TRNC and none coming from any investor!!! The valley is criss-crossed with memorandum, judgements and injunctions which will NEVER be solved and certainly will not attract ANY Investor. The valley is UNSAFE & SHOULD NOT BE BUILT ON – one small quake and the whole lot COULD collapse.

The government haven’t listened in the past – they are not listening now and they sure ain’t gonna listen in the future – we know, we’ve been there, seen it, done it , been ignored and got the flag!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only place that sits up and gets worried is Turkey – the motherland

The whole thing was allegedly a scam from the start – get with it – we have been ripped off and now will continue to be ignored by all involved!!!!!!!!

For a small outlay of $300.00 = £180 at least you have a chance

Join the lawsuit details

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