Gary Robb pleads guilty

According to the ABAG website, Gary Robb has pleaded guilty to 2 counts of being involved in the management of premises where Class A and Class B drugs were being supplied. He will appear for sentencing on June 4th 2010.

In 2001, the Government passed an amendment to Section 8 of the Misuse of Drugs Act which made it a criminal offence for people to knowingly allow premises they own, manage, or have responsibility for, to be used for drug taking.

In October of last year Robb was deported from the TRNC and escorted back to Cleveland in northern England where he was remanded pending a court case. If this is the only crime he is being accused of, rather than the supply of drugs, then the expectation is a relatively low sentence. Despite this it is usual for the sentence to be custodial and 18 months or more. For example, two managers of a refuge for the homeless were sentenced to 5 and 4 years in jail, in the first case of its kind, for “knowingly permitting” drugs to be sold at the hostel.


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