Dreaming On a November Night

We’ve all done it haven’t we? Go on be honest. Laid back on the sofa, outside it’s cold and wet and the electric and gas bills have just arrived. Oh my god, what would I do if I won the pools, lottery, or some big prize money or even an inheritance? Yeah! You snuggle down in a sort of trance like reverie thinking, ”wouldn’t it be nice.” A palace in the sun, a retreat from the cold Novembers and even worse Decembers; a place to relax. Own pool, maybe a gardener maybe a pool boy/girl. Oh! what a dream! So, thinking (or still dreaming) that maybe that lottery win or the pools are going to come up, you wander off to your computer to have a look at what sort of palace you can afford. The internet is great for that.

Search engine input, “Villa with pool” returns 3,100,000 entries found in 0.34 seconds. You start to wade through these. Her indoors is getting antsy, because you’re spending so much time on the internet and not watching stupid soaps on the box. You don’t care.  The dream has you in its grip. After several hours though the glamour begins to fade the realism comes back into the equation and you almost give up when you see  North Cyprus Property Investments . Save 20 % at the very least when you buy off plan from quality trustworthy builders. My interest is whetted. I click the page. Hundreds if not thousands of computer simulations of your dream are online with prices you think you can afford without the pools or the lottery. Well time to call her indoors. Hey! Look here 4 Bed three bath sea view and a pool for £90,000, the next is £100,000 and is on the beach with own pool, the next is £89,000 and has a semi Olympic pool and half an acre of olive groves. Her indoors thinks olives are romantic. So we nearly bought that one. We decide to fly over and take a look. Her indoors never having been to Cyprus before is all excited about the beaches and brandy sours. The first selling agent picks us up from our hotel and shows us a  bit of mountainside with a couple of carob trees and some goats. “This could be yours for £149,000, better decide fast as prices are going up 30% a year.” We decide fast and get out of there.

We finally took the plunge and made all the usual mistakes. Well you don’t even know what questions to ask do you? Let alone be able to judge if the answers are truthful. Still that’s another story you can read that adventure on my blog.



I see there is still one house available on our site. I decided to check it out. As it happens this property is not sitting anywhere. I don’t know what the developer means by a definite must see. I thought the mountainside with goats was more attractive. (see actual photo below.) The site is a rubble strewn bit of land which my lawyer advises me is mortgaged and the building company has allegedly already sold it to a man in Lapta. Yet it still appears on the current website as a bargain at £125,000. As for being new to the market, we bought 4 years ago and the houses were a year old then. I wonder if TRNC has any sort of advertising standards at all. I’d be interested to know what exactly the developer is selling, I’ve had first hand experience of their exceptional quality and customer service. I wonder why this property is a “MUST SEE”? Is it the best they have to offer?


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