Cyprus Property Victims | O’Dwyer v Karayannas Developers

In the south, Famagusta District Court awarded Conor O’Dwyer €141,000 in compensation for breach of contract, which comes to around €200,000 with interest, but he has been ordered to compensate the developers €85,000, including interest, for defamation on the website, set up in March 2006 against the backdrop of a growing dispute with the developers.

It is not clear yet which statements made on the website the judge believed to be untrue but O’Dwyer’s lawyer, Yiannos Georgiades, is to appeal the court’s decision. In the case of defamation, Georgiades will be arguing that European law protects freedom of speech and people’s right to express their opinion, even against major corporations, particularly if what is said is true.

There are several other cases related to assault against Dwyer including one requesting that a 12 month suspended sentence given to the developer for ABH should be changed to a more serious GBH charge. Another source of dissatisfaction is the way that Conor’s translator costs don’t seem to be forthcoming despite legal aid being granted for these.

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