Cyprus Property | Evidence of More Fraud Revealed


Cyprus Property | Evidence of More Fraud Revealed

I visited the Bailiff’s office at Girne District Court yesterday and picked up two more Writs, that will be number 11 and 12 for me personally. It seems the simple act of purchasing a property in north Cyprus, daring to follow the legal route for justice and telling the truth, will surely bankrupt me.

This morning I shall be in the High Court informing the three Judges that I have kept my word, that I have done what I said I would when I withdrew the Mandamus Case 11/2013 on the 28th June 2013.

On Tuesday 16th July I visited the Tapu in company of an Advocate. The Memorandum on Kocans 3881 and 4155 were removed and the time of doing so was recorded by Girn Tapu. This was followed by a phone call from the same Tapu asking if I wished to also withdraw the Enforcement Order case MES 87/2010. the Advocate who accompanied me relayed to message to me and I confirmed that I did wish to withdraw it. The Tapu were told and the paperwork to complete this was submitted to them.

The case to have the Breach of Contract order overturned is now unnecessary in my opinion, since I now no longer have any interest in these properties covered by the former Memorandum. However, during the legal process involved in these two cases submitted to overturn my Breach of Contract judgement, evidence has emerged of yet another fraudulent act having taken place; again by the builder. I shall bring this to the attention of the court if I am allowed to.

Never give in never give up

Pauline Ann Read

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