Censorship in the TRNC involving the Kulaksiz 5 story?

A TRNC bank is out to force a blackout of the issue threatening  to sue any TRNC media who mention their name in relation to the  Kulaksiz 5 scandal. They tried it on Cyprus Today, Ada TV/Star Media Group, Kibris Media Group (perhaps thats why no mention of the bank in today’s front page story?) and now we hear Kanal T and their popular  GAK TV. Surely the TRNC is bigger and more democratic than this and won’t bend to such censorship.

Editor: if what Pauline says is true, then this doesn’t seem to be working as is clearly show in the Cyprus Today piece shown with this article. Clearly it says, “and then there’s Akfinan’s bank which did not carry out even the most basic checks before giving out mortgages on land  already sold off to unsuspecting ex-pats.”

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