Cafer Yucelgazi’s Turkish full page Notice in Cyprus Today

“I noticed the full page Notice in today’s Cyprus Today – it is all in Turkish but I noticed the name Cafer Yucelgazi, I couldn’t quite work out if the other people named were trying to notify Cafer Yucelgazi or vice versa so I asked a Turkish friend to translate for me. It seems the Notice has been placed by Cafer Yucelgazi and he is stating he is unable to trace any of the named persons – not sure what he is up to, particularly as he’s chosen to post this in Turkish in an English speaking newspaper. I have not had dealings with any of the named people and they are possibly buyers on the unfinished development you look out on (Incesu). Clearly these people need to be advised to contact their advocate(s) as a matter of urgency and I was thinking that maybe you could post this on North Cyprus Free Press as someone out there might know one or all of these names.” Stu

To quote someone who translated the notice:

“Ingrid studied the paper article in Turkish and it says that he is posting notice that they  have failed to keep to their agreed payments plan and / or payment for extras and they have 30 days to counter claim (according to the law or he will sue them!) Poor people, they need to know!”

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