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Maybe some of you will remember the evening before the Kulaksiz 5 auction. June 5th 2010. It had been arranged for a TV Appeal to be made on a very popular TV Programme in North Cyprus. During the week leading up to the auction it was definitely going to happen. The day it was due to happen, the Saturday, suddenly it was cancelled. One of K5’s supporters in London was not able to accept this and all during that Saturday she made phone calls to the TV Channel’s owner begging him to change his mind. The really interesting information about this is just who owned this TV Channel… wait for it… Mr Ersin Tatar the Finance Minister and former Director of Akfinans Bank Limited.

“Oh. no!” You are all saying, oh yes he was and still is. It was not until after 8.00 p.m. that Pauline received a phone call from the London supporter to say “you are on, he had changed his mind.” By this time no one from K5 was available to join her. So with less than an hour to do it in, she showered, washed her hair, made herself presentable and was on her way to Lefkosa with Agile at the wheel and the supporter on the mobile giving directions to the studio.

That was the night Pauline met Boysan Boyra for the first time, he was the legal adviser on the programme called GAK TV. A programme that exposed unfair actions in the TRNC. Although she had been told not to mention the Bank, she did and made an impassioned plea to both the Bank Directors and the Government to stop the Auction, she sobbed on screen but her pleas fell on deaf ears.

Below is an account of what happened the following day at Akfinans Bank North Cyprus auction, written at that time.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I had never seen true evil at work, up close and personal, but today I did.

The crowds started arriving before 9 a.m for the 10.00 a.m start of the auction. Suddenly the crowd started clapping and cheering and this heralded the arrival of Founding President Rauf Denktaş. Mr Denktaş took a seat alongside the land registry representative and briefly went through his paperwork with him. Mr Denktaş addressed us briefly and advised us that the bids would be made by putting it in writing and placing it on the desk in front of the land registry representative. The auction would finish at 12 noon. If no bids were received the auction would be postponed. Mr. Denktas said that there were laws in place to stop this happening now but unfortunately our case pre-dates these laws.

Whilst Mr. Denktaş was present, no bids were put forward. As soon as Mr Denktaş left, the cockroaches crawled out of the woodwork. One man approached the desk and appeared to make a bid. The crowd erupted booing, whistling, jeering and shouts of no, no, no echoed round the gathering, some of the most vociferous being Turkish Cypriot people. The bidder was escorted by a ring of police, and this is when I let my feelings get better of my good sense. I elbowed my way through the crowd, through the police and up very close to the bidder. I shouted this was our homes, look at my face, look at my face, see what you are doing to us, I was crying. The bidder said I did not understand, he was trying to help us, aware by now that several TV cameras were filming us, I said if that were true, he was a saint and kissed him on both cheeks. Did I believe him – would you?

During the morning the legal representative of the bank informed one of our group they would be bidding on one of the Kocans, they would not evict anyone, they were doing this because Yuksel Yilmaz was refusing to sign anything over to them and it was better this way. Better for who?

Before 12 noon AKFINANS BANK LIMITED submitted a bid on BOTH Kocans, which was the winning bid, thus proving, yet again, their word is not their bond.

Kulaksiz 5 as a group are stunned. It is hard to believe that the unthinkable has happened. People in the autumn of their lives have everything they have worked and saved for snatched from them. I wonder how AKFINANS would react if they suddenly found someone had done this to their grandparents. The real crime is that the TRNC say they have done nothing wrong. If today’s turn out is anything to go by, the people who elected them do not agree.

If there were a run on the bank following this, and I am NOT advocating there should be, they will have only themselves to blame. When you do bad things, people will think badly of you.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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