Why did Akfinan Bank take ex-pat property instead of borrowers’ assets?

I am following on with my tale of how the Advocates here seem to think that all they have to do is ‘look pretty’ for the money you paid them for their conveyancing and that when anything goes wrong, the good old cash cow can be milked again.

I neglected to tell you that the Advocate I wrote about yesterday morning also had some excellent words of wisdom about what the British buyers did wrong, in this case he was referring to Kulaksiz 5. He said, “at the beginning you could have paid little money to the Bank and have avoided the problem you now have”. Seems Mr Kursat has been doing his usual “it is all the fault of the buyers” propaganda with his fellow Advocates. Now what part of “we did not borrow the money”, does this arrogant fellow and the even more arrogant Mr Kursat not understand. The amount he was talking about was 350,000 TL, the amount the debt stood at in late 2008. Bear in mind that until March 2008 I personally had no idea there was even a problem, that there were mortgages on the Kulaksiz 5 site. Now this fellow and his cohorts may have considered this little money, but having paid for our villas, we tended not to agree. Blackmail is a crime, an ugly crime and to pay someone else’s debt or give up your home is blackmail. Pay up or else!

Again I say to Mr Kursat, and perhaps this fellow might like to take note, take your own advice Mr Kursat and tell your clients, the Bank, to chase the people they gave the money to namely, Yuksel Yilmaz and Abdurrahman Guney. Perhaps when you are next extolling the vices of the Kulaksiz 5, you would like to explain to your listeners that when the debt stood at 350,000 TL, there was sufficient property owned by the landowner (the borrower) to sell and redeem the mortgage. Then perhaps you will also tell the reason you never took this action. I believe it was because Ertug Kader had conspired with the two borrowers and part of the deal was that the landowner retains his property. I believed this in 2008 when I first found out about the mortgages and now in 2012, I still believe this.

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