“Venom in Halkin Sesi from the pen of Talat Kursat”

They advertise North Cyprus  as paradise. The island of love but it seems that love is limited to a chosen few.

I read the venom in every word printed in Halkin Sesi from the pen of Talat Kursat.  It has been decreed that Pauline Read should be deported, she is an undesirable alien (persona non grata) says Talat Kursat.

In truth though, what has she done?   Has she plotted to overthrow the government – no.   Has she murdered someone – no.  Is she a spy for a foreign power – no (although many suggestions have been made that she is Greek propagandist, she pays for advertisements, she owns two villas with pools in the south, she is deluded, she attacks men many years her junior with a baseball bat and she is a MISTRESS).   Heinous crimes indeed, if even one of those allegations were true.  They are not.  What she has done is stand up and proclaim the injustice of the situation she and her fellow purchasers  at K5 are in and through no fault of their own.  Does she not have such a right?  Will deporting her make the problem disappear?  Does the call for deportation seem somewhat over the top?   Remember this is the 21st century, to deport a person who has already been so wronged would smack of desperation.

Let me tell you about Pauline Read.  She is in her 67th year, yes I guess that will come as a surprise and strangely her age is never mentioned in any of these allegations.   She has been in a 28 year loving relationship with one man, her partner aged 62, her soul mate, her rock.  He is her partner,  but more importantly, he is her best friend.  She never could and never would  inflict injury on a fellow human being, it is not in her nature.

Yes she does get angry, very angry when she reads those lies but her chosen weapon is truth.  She uses words to make her point.  If anyone resorts to violence they have lost the argument.

She is very angry about what the owners of the Bank are doing to her and to the other owners on Kulaksiz 5.  Would this justify her attacking a bank.   No of course not, a bank is an inanimate object so why would she do that?

I am told that the family who own the bank are acting within the law.  Clearly her Advocate will fight with counter arguments.  I am not legally qualified to comment on this.    Can the law be wrong, I don’t know.  What I do know is that the laws are made by men, and are supposed to protect the weak and vulnerable in society as well as be fair and just.   It is a matter of record that laws can and often are changed, improved or in extreme cases repealed.  They become outdated and no longer relevant in the modern  world.

Can a bank make mistakes, well the bank itself cannot but the people who work within it can.  It is part of the human condition.  It does not make the bank any less worthy of patronage or any less reputable.  Acknowledging a mistake and rectifying it is a mark of prudence and shrewd business practice.

Have the bank who gave a mortgage on land/property after it had already been sold to others made a mistake.  Well time will tell, if it has to go all the way to the ECHR in Strasbourg for the final decision, it will be sad, sad to the purchasers and sad for the bank too.

The adversarial stance taken by the bank, the threats and allegations will achieve nothing but more bad press and the way it is developing the media coverage will eventually become worldwide.   I am sure no one wants that.

O B Joyful

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