TRNC Attorney General allegedly investigating complaint against Akfinans Bank


If, as has been promised, the Attorney General is investigating the complaint submitted by Pauline Read on the 6th April 2012, the evidence contained in that complaint more than substantiates the fact that the Bank have knowingly granted a mortgage to Abdurrahman Guney and Yuksel Yilmaz using as security land and property that they knew was not available for that purpose.

That they submitted documents to the Tapu describing it as Tarla (land, a field) whilst they had in their possession a Survey that pre-dates the document submitted to the Tapu makes their mortgage document allegedly untruthful and, if a deliberate attempt to misrepresent, then even fraud. The survey of March 2005 gives details of what was on the land at that time and the surveyor clearly states that there were buildings with an estimated value on £335,000. This survey has been submitted to the Attorney General as evidence.

The other evidence submitted includes the mortgage document showing it was submitted as only being land and that the interest rate was 250%. There was also a sample of a the Contract bearing Yuksel Yilmaz’s signature and a Power of Attorney for Yuksel Yilmaz at that time.

Mortgage Law 11/78 section 21 clearly substantiates all the above claims and although I am not a legally qualified person, it will be hard to ignore all the evidence that points to the possibility of a conspiracy on the part of the borrowers and the lender.

Interestingly Pauline Read tells me she has emailed the following to the prosecutor dealing with her complaint:


Can you please make note that the above complaint was submitted by me personally and does NOT form a part of any other complaint from any other member of Kulaksiz 5.

I was shocked to find at a public meeting of Toparlaniyoruz arranged by Pembe Ibrahim and Nigel Watson (Pia Bella) that the Attorney General had been discussing my complaint with Ms Ibrahim and that he was delaying my investigation until he received complaints from other members of Kulaksiz 5. This is against my wishes and I demand the investigation continues in my name only. If other members submit such complaints then they are separate from MINE and should be treated as such.

Miss Ibrahim has no legal training or qualifications recognised in the TRNC. She does not have my authority to act for me in any capacity. I have severed all ties with her for two reasons.

  1. She charges victims for her services, initially a £50 membership fee of Citizens Advice Cyprus and this only gives them verbal advice. Any other thing she does for them she charges extra. These are people who have already been traumatised by their experiences at the hands of corrupt developers and builders.
  2. She has tried to control what is written on North Cyprus Free Press especially in relation to her ‘good friend’ the Finance Minister. She even resorted to blackmail to try to stop me writing.

I trust you completely ****bey and would ask you to convey my wishes to the Attorney General as I understand you are now the investigating Prosecutor in my case.”

The email which Ms Read sent on the 7th September 2012 remains unanswered.

It is a common trait in north Cyprus to ignore that which you do not wish to discuss. Let us hope the prosecutor is not doing the same.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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